To the point of slapping, a mother scolded her son for throwing rocks at the Caucasia town hall during the miners’ strike in Antioquia

To the point of slapping, a mother scolded her son for throwing rocks at the Caucasia town hall during the miners’ strike in Antioquia

Video: Mom caught son throwing rocks during protests and slapped him in Antioquia

The offensive of public force against illegal mining generated a mining strike this already represents four days of blockade and excesses in various areas of the northeast of the country. The public order situation was so complicated that in Caucasian -in the department of Antioquia– a 12-hour curfew was decreed, which generated unrest among the population and incited the vandalism and looting near the town hall.

“Our police units react immediately and contain these attacks by certain people who intended to violently affect the facilities and businesses surrounding the mayor’s office,” the report said. Colonel Heinar Giovany Puentes, commander of the Antioquia police.

Recently, a mother’s actions went viral on social media when she saw her son throwing rocks at the Caucasus Mayor’s Office, because he was inflamed by the young man’s actions and slapped him out of the place.

At the site was a relative with a motorcycle, the woman with several blows and after arguing, the young man got into the vehicle and they left the place where there were strong disturbances due to the discontent generated by operations against illegal mining.

We even see how a woman from the community calms the young mother who was throwing stones, but she makes a gesture to him so that he does not interfere in this family situation.

Van approximately 40 illegal mines destroyed in Antioquia by public force. In a coordinated effort between different institutions, after the strong message of the national government against irregular rents, a significant amount of machinery and equipment was seized and destroyed.

It should be remembered that recently the Minister of Defense, Iván Velásquez, assured that the authorities will go completely against criminal finances. Thus, the intervention of various mines which operate irregularly has been announced.

“The order is peremptory: total war against criminal finance. Today in Bajo Cauca, Antioquia, five large dredgers that generated wealth for illegal armed organizations were destroyed,” Defense Minister Iván Velásquez said in one of the first reports he handed over. .

It should be noted that the national government’s announcement regarding the destruction of illegal mines has caused a serious public order situation in some areas of Antioquia, particularly in Bajo Cauca, where informal miners declared a strike.

The resumption of major operations against illegal rents did not go very well. However, despite the miners’ strike, the police continue to take action against illegal rents in the mining sector.

The commander of the traffic and transport police of the Department of Córdoba, Captain Eduardo Naranjo, recommended to travelers who regularly use the road to Medellín through the Caucasus, take the alternative route through Urabá.

This situation also affected the transport terminal of Chase, where a 38% reduction in the number of vehicles was reported. In general, the entire economy of the region has been affected, so it is expected that the authorities will quickly reach an agreement with the miners.

Given all that is going on, on Saturday, March 4, the Attorney General’s Office urged the Minister of Interior and Minister of Defense to intervene and respond immediately to acts of vandalism that occur amid protests for the return of police operations against the illegal mining.

In its statement, the Public Ministry alerted with concern that the escalation of violence and acts of vandalism taking place in the area prevent the free mobilization of the community and the other rights of the populations, due to the land and river blockade. . roads, generating assignments to the medical mission and the closure of trade in much of the sub-region, resulting in a shortage of basic foodstuffs.

Finally, the control body rejected the acts of violence against public and private infrastructure, for which it urged those responsible for the ministerial portfolios to urgently remedy the serious situation of public order:

“To guarantee the safety of the inhabitants of the region and the employees of the company Mineros Alluvial in danger, due to the entry of demonstrators into one of their operation camps”, concluded the office of the Attorney General in its press release .

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