Santo Domingo, April 17. Two Dutch nationals and one from Curaçao have been detained in the Dominican capital for extradition for their alleged links to two criminal gangs in the Netherlands, official sources reported on Monday.

They are the Dutch Dennis Goedee and Terence Angelo Richard de Vries and Curaçao Urvin Laurence Wawoe, alias Nuto, arrested during searches in two exclusive sectors of Santo Domingo, according to a press release from the Dominican National Directorate of Drug Control (DNCD ).

The three men, including seven luxury vehicles, jewelry and cash were seized, have ties to Mocro Maffia and No Limit Soldier, gangs dedicated to drug and arms trafficking, murder and crime. other crimes in the Netherlands, details the note.

“These criminal organizations, he says, have been linked to murders, kidnappings, bribes of public officials, shootings at the lawyer of protected witnesses and even threatening the Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Crown Princess Amalia.”

The arrests took place during an operation in which several searches were carried out simultaneously over the weekend.

Three of the DNCD agents who took part in the operation were dismissed from the anti-narcotics agency, accused of having violated the procedure of action, since they stole part of the money seized in archives. EFE


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