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Even if it is true, for now the protests in the Center of Lima ceased, the situation continues to be tense at the social level due to certain events that our members of Congress carry out and which are taken by the majority of the population as a parody of the situation in the country.

As we know, last weekend the Sunday program ‘Cuarto Poder’ denounced that the Congress of the Republic had increased the cost of food for the fathers of the Nation and that from 16 soles a day, they went to spend 80 soles. All paid, of course, with the taxes of all Peruvians.

It was just one of the drops that were already overflowing from the camel’s back after the new iPhones and pleasure travel scandals or personal

And while the people used social networks to assert their demands, the parliamentarian for National Renovation, Jorge MontoyaHe gave his opinion and provoked a series of reactions.

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It turns out that the spokesperson also for the RN seems to have a little lost patience before the questions of several journalists who interrogated him on the increase, excessive for many, of the cost of his food.

“For them to ask themselves this question and be surprised, I imagine that they must be on this side (…) They will want us to eat alfalfa surely,” Montoya said at a press conference in the Hall of Lost Steps a few days ago after the report was released.

As expected, the vast majority of Peruvians expressed their disagreement with what was said by the deputy and by the increase in the cost of your food.

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For this they used many ways to express their opinion, but the most original could be seen on the platform videos from TikTok. And it is that here many have demonstrated how rich you can eat in Peru with little money, so it is not necessary to fill yourself with luxury. Less with the money of all Peruvians.

no matter what cause for some outragethe Peruvian people will always find a nimble, resourceful and even fun way to complain about what they think is wrong.

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This opportunity could not be the exception and using the controversial statements of parliamentarian Montoya as a backdrop, more than one tiktoker demonstrated that in a country as rich in resources as Peru, it is possible to eat well and healthy . with much less than 80 soles.

For example, in the various videos that accompany this note, we can see that Internet users are enjoying a chicken soup, its tuna with rice and avocado, chicken leg, rice dish with chickpeas and salad. And this is just a sample, because, as is well known, the variety of dishes in this country is endless.

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The impact of these small audiovisual productions which do not even last 20 seconds is great, since the name of Jorge Montoya It went viral for this reason. This is why, how many combined, these images exceed one million reproductions.

And the comments of his followers are not left out, since the vast majority agree with them and underline how much the Peruvian gastronomy.

“This food is luxurious, tuna steak and avocado are expensive”, “Tuna steak and avocado are pure protein foods from the gods”, “First class food, but with our money’s worth”“Today I cooked for eight, I spent almost 30 soles”, “30 soles is a lot, I eat with 5 soles”, “my broth of small dishes”, “we eat for what we can, mister Montoya, since the public treasury does not allow us to pay for the menu”, are some of the comments that can be read in the original post.

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