The PAN wants to recover Puebla in 2024 (Photo: Twitter / @MarkoCortes)

Marko Cortesre-elected president of the National Action Party (PAN), opted for the recovery of Puebla as a state governed by the albiazul, this by leading the National meeting of municipal structures 2022-2025. To the assembled militancy, he asked the militant and municipal structures to move the PAN and to warm up their engines towards the 2024.

During his participation in the ceremony, Cortés Mendoza assured this Sunday March 5 that Puebla is a priority for the party at the national level, since it is a state which will recover in 2024 and which will give many votes in the election to the presidency of the republicwhich will be defined this year.

In order to realize this objective, Accountant Cortés urged his co-affiliates to “paint blue” in Puebla. Because of this, he described that he needed them “active, motivating, working and projected”. Likewise, he urged to open the doors of the Municipal Steering Committees to “move the National Action forward and fire up the engines towards 2024”.

Martha Erika Alonso died with her husband Rafael Moreno days after protesting as governor (Photo: Reuters/Imelda Medina)
Martha Erika Alonso died with her husband Rafael Moreno days after protesting as governor (Photo: Reuters/Imelda Medina)

“Let the PAN be again a hope for change and to correct the course of Mexico”

In electoral matters, the albiazul has not defined a candidate for Puebla or for the presidency of the republic; However, some polling houses have already started conducting polls to define people’s preferences for who they would like to be the president’s successor. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), in regards to, Mexico Choose favorite already defined.

And it is that according to the consultant, Santiago CreilChairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies, positioned himself above Lilly TellezSenator of the Republic, facing the presidential elections of 2024.

Mexico Choose It is an agency which, thanks to its consultative processes, has obtained results very close to those obtained after different elections. Now, looking at the 2024 elections, the consultant has shown who could be the next candidate for the PANthe coalition’s most popular political institute Pass through Mexico.

México Elige survey results in February 2023 (Image: México Elige)
México Elige survey results in February 2023 (Image: México Elige)

before the question “Who would you like to be the PAN candidate for the presidency of 2024? for the general public Santiago Creel was in first place with 28.5% popular preference, 1.7% more than last month; while Lilly Téllez ended up with 20.6%, 3.3% less than the previous month. The same question posed to party supporters showed that Creel Miranda continues in the lead and Téllez García in second place.

Regarding the intention to vote, México Elige pointed out that the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) continues to far exceed the opposition parties, since AMLO’s party has 47.5% of sympathy, the PAN only reaches 23.6% and the PRI 8.7%, it is therefore to be expected that the candidate who emanates from the 4T will be the one who will win the elections next year. Likewise, he reflected on the fact that Claudia Sheinbaum, head of government of Mexico City, would be the favorite to be the candidate of the ruling party.

In the first case, according to the consultative exercise of Mexican elected officials, Claudia Sheinbaum, for the pro-government alliance, would win with 51% of the vote; in second place, Santiago Creel would remain in the coalition Pass through Mexico according to alignment 2021 and 2022 (PAN, PRI and PRD), with 28.2% of the vote.

Finally, in the second scenario, the consultancy indicates that the current head of government of CDMX would still win, since Claudia Sheinbaum would end up with 54.3% of voting intention, while Creel Miranda would end up with only 35. .3% of the votes. ballot papers, even if Va por México managed to ally with Movimiento Ciudadano (CM).

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