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Cecile Patricia Flores Armentabetter known as This Floreswas reported as missing by the collective In search of the mothers of Sonoraorganization of which he is the head.

According to preliminary information, she was last seen riding a State Police patrol car in a house, Sinaloaaccording to the report made on the morning of April 17, the woman was in the said entity exercising a scouting brigade for which the authorities would have assigned men in uniform as a protective measure.

On the official account of fecebook, the group explained that it has been more than 15 hours without knowing where he is, since he did not answer his mobile phone. Nothing is known of the police who accompanied him.

“Help us find This who has searched for many. She is not looking for blame or justice, she is only looking for her children…we want her home and we want her safe and sound,” we read in the publication.

Ceci Flores surrendered to a search squad on the afternoon of April 16 with elements of the Ahome State Police. According to what was reported by the members of the collective, the woman and the men in uniform entered the field of the search area and did not come out again.

(Photo: Sonora Mothers Research)
(Photo: Sonora Mothers Research)

Local authorities have not yet released a statement in this regard, nor the number of police accompanying him or their identities, the group said. GlobeLiveMedia Mexico that they also did not want to provide information on the facts.

Meanwhile, during the President’s morning conference Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), it was announced that an operation was already underway to locate him, which was entrusted to the Under-Secretary for Human Rights, Population and Migration and Interior.

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