One person shot and killed four others in the municipality of Zumpango, State of Mexico.

By Thursday night June 9 the Attorney General of Justice (FGJ) of the State of Mexico reported the homicide of 4 people in the municipality of Zumpango. According to the first official reports, a person arrived at the home demanding payment, after which he violently entered and shot at the people who were in the place.

The FGJ reported that elements of the institution began investigative tasks such as locating cameras in the area and recording evidence to clarify the facts.

From January to April 2022 alone, a total of 21 investigation folders for intentional homicide have been registered in the Mexican municipality, according to what was reported by the Interactive Observatory of Criminal Incidence of the National Citizen Observatory (ONC).

In the same period, the State of Mexico has accumulated 1,234 homicides, according to reports published by the Executive Secretariat of the State Public Security System. This figure represents an increase of 24 cases compared to the 1,210 registered from January to April 2021 by the same authority.

Regarding the crime of homicide and with the available figures, March has been the most violent month so far in 2022 in the State of Mexico, since 354 of the 1,234 counted were concentrated in that month alone.


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