The young man helped his girlfriend’s family and went viral. (TikTok: @angiesandoval36)

On TikTok, a viral video in which a young man surprises the help your girlfriend’s dad. In Peruhe Stepfather of the boy did working from home when he went to visit his daughter and this is how the demonstration of love traveled the networks.

Through the @angiesandoval36 account on TikTok, we can see that the young man went to visit his girlfriend but ended up working, in a clip that aroused curiosity and laughter on the Chinese social network.

In the photos you can see how the recently visited groom was put to work at the door of the house avoid leaks due to heavy rain that have been recorded in Peru in the last few days. Likewise, the woman took the opportunity to joke about the situation.

His stepfather put him to work around the house and the video went viral. (TikTok: @angiesandoval36)

“Stepfather, I only came to see your daughter“, wrote of the video the girlfriend, who added in the description of the publication:”I love you my life, thank you for what you do for my family.

The video quickly went viral: it has more than two million views and more than 55,000 likes. Also, TikTok users They left their opinions in the comments section and shared similar experiences as the young man.

“My husband helped my dad like that, and when dad died he fixed the things that were damaged in mom’s house”, “I confess that I made my daughter’s lover vote for the ‘water’, ‘My girlfriend’s mom made me cook once when everyone in your house got sick’ and ‘You need to earn points’ are some of the messages.

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