The National Police in Madrid found the body of an elderly woman in an advanced state of decomposition and with dismembered parts because they had been eaten by her cats, some of which were also dead at home.

A neighbor was the one who notified 091 that she had not seen the woman for several days, who lived alone and had no family in Spain, according to various sources.

The agents of the Fuencarral Police Station arrived at the place, at number 5 of San Cugat del Vallés street in that district, and when they saw the smell that came out of the house, they decided to call the firefighters to access the home.

The Madrid City Council Firefighters used an autoscale to enter the house where they found the woman’s corpse in an advanced state of decomposition.


Some parts of the body had been eaten by the cats that the woman had and some of these pets were dead as well.

The 77-year-old woman, a Colombian national, had diogenes syndrome and there were numerous garbage bags in the house.

Authorities do not rule out that the number continues to increase.

While waiting to determine the cause of death, the first forensic evidence indicates that the woman died of natural causes more than a month ago.

The specialists also analyze the body of the cats to confirm that they ate part of the corpse.

The two cats that are still alive, although in poor condition, were transferred to the Animal Protection Center.

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