They find a lifeless body in the search for Pablo Sierra, the young man who disappeared in Badajoz

They find a lifeless body in the search for Pablo Sierra, the young man who disappeared in Badajoz

GEO members have recovered a lifeless body in the search that is being carried out since Pablo Sierra, a 21-year-old mathematics student who has been missing since December 3, disappeared, according to The country.

This medium confirms that the identity of the body is that of the missing youth, although others like Cadena SER do not assure, for the moment, that it is Pablo Sierra.

The young man had a fight that day in a bar from Zurbarán street, they expelled him from the premises and a friend accompanied him to take a taxi to return to the student residence where he lived with his twin brother. That was the last time he was heard from.

The Badajoz Police Headquarters has confirmed that they have found the body, but not his identity. The corpse has not yet been raised, although the boy’s mobile phone was found in the same area by a a civil guard agent off duty in ‘el Pico del Guadiana’, a place near the drinking area where he was last seen.

The device was in the water and had traces of blood, but they do not rule out that it fell by chance.

The morning after the disappearance, his brother, seeing that he had not arrived home, called him on his mobile phone. The aforementioned agent took it, who was walking at that time along the river bank and saw the device glow when he was receiving the call.

In the same place they have found the body, which would have been marked by a dog from the canine unit, which had joined the search this Wednesday, according to SER string.

It remains to confirm his identity

The river had been tracked for days with divers, dogs, and canine guides, as well as street security camera footage and GPS trail. Now the recognition of the corpse will take place and an autopsy to clarify the causes in which he died, if it is an “accidental death” or other lines of investigation are opened.

The authorities already have informed the young man’s family of the discovery, in the absence of fingerprints or DNA testing confirming your identity.

According The confidential, parents cling to the hope that it’s not him, but the fact that it has appeared in a place close to where his phone was found makes one suspect that it is him.

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