They arrest 12 police officers linked to the Santa Anita massacre

They arrest 12 police officers linked to the Santa Anita massacre

The Tamaulipas Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the arrest of at least 12 state police officers named in the death of 19 people on January 22 in the community of Santa Anita, Tamaulipas.

The 12 police officers arrested will face charges of qualified homicide, abuse of authority and falsehood in reports given to an authority. In the next few hours they will be made available to the judicial authority who will be in charge of resolving their legal situation.

The state prosecutor, Irving Barrios, said at a press conference that among the deceased, two persons of Guatemalan nationality and two of Mexican nationality have been identified. At the moment the identification work of the 15 remaining bodies continues.

So far the four people identified are:

Jesús “N” of Mexican nationality

Daniel “P” of Mexican nationality

Elfrego R. “M” of Guatemalan nationality

Marvin A. “T” of Guatemalan nationality

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