The second edition of the march in defense of National Electoral Institute (INE) culminated with the speeches of the journalist Beatrice Pages and former Minister of Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), Jose Ramon Cossio.

From the Zócalo esplanade in Mexico City (CDMX), the communicator rejected the call Electoral Reform Plan B promoted from the executive level – and recently approved in the Senate. This, after reporting it as “a state crime“tackle democracy by the weakening of the electorate.

“Silence would make us complicit in a state crime; of an electoral reform designed to tear apart the INE and pave the way for an electoral dictatorship”.

And this is, let us remember, one of the strongest accusations against the secondary bill undertaken by President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) was the supposed intention of the latter in control the 2024 elections — date on which the opposition will fight for a new political alternation before National regeneration movement (Morena).

“The INE was used and democracy was used to come to power and today they want to kill them to prevent alternation. And we are not going to allow it”, reaffirmed Pagés Rebollar in this sense.

With this line, the equally militant director of always magazine assured that the promotion and defense of plan B by the relatives of the so-called Fourth processing (4T) would show his desperation before decline in popularity and credibilityaccording to Pages.

“They want to mutilate the INE because the free vote bothers them. They want to dismember it because intolerance is hampered by a strong and capable autonomous institution”.

Thus, he added: “Faced with failure and lack of results, they already feel their defeat and prepare the scam. They seek to remove the arbiter and twist citizen decision-making in 2024. Electoral Reform Plan B is the chronicle of an announced fraud”.

Thus, the journalist ended her speech with an appeal to the SCJN not to endorse the “unconstitutional and immoral” reform. He also asked to “turn around” those who are part of the abstentionist, as well as those “disappointed in giving the vote to those who did not deserve it”. Finally, Pagés noted “the consolidation of a great citizen front” around 2024.

“Let us vote against mediocrity; vote against predatory and autocratic populism; Let’s vote to tell the senators that they will not pass’”.

The speaking tour ended with the intervention of the former minister of the SCJN, Jose Ramon Cossio, who initially rejected attacks on those who disagree with the decisions of the current government – emphasizing the electoral issue, popularly referred to as Plan B.

In this sense, he described the executive’s attempt to reform the national electoral system as “deliberate and reckless”. To this, he referred to Plan B as “a badly approved euphemism of constitutional matters, product of the disagreement of the 4Ts for the rejection of the Constitutional Reform.

In this sense, Cossío appealed to the ministers of the Supreme Court, even with the possibility that they would be criticized for being in favor of the Transformation after having declared the reform partially or totally invalid.

“We want to tell you that we know the difficulties that your work entails, the pressures to which you are subjected by those who want to take over the Mexican electoral system. We want to tell them that we trust them, in their democratic spirit and in their ability to understand the seriousness of the decisions they will take to preserve the democratic life of the country”.

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