The Urban Guard avoids a silent party in Barcelona

The Urban Guard avoids a silent party in Barcelona

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The measures applied to limit mobility, in order to avoid coronavirus infections, are causing more and more parties in private homes. One of them was to take place in Barcelona, ​​but members of the Urban Guard managed to stop her before starting.

The night from Friday to Saturday, in the Barcelona’s Eixample neighborhood, a peculiar party was going to take place. In order not to raise suspicions due to the noise, the organizers obtained several headphones for those attending such an event. However, the intentions were frustrated by the residents of Barcelona’s Gran Vía, which alerted the Guàrdia Urbana that stereos were entering the building.

Police intervention

Upon arriving at the party, it had not yet started. There were three people there, presumed responsible for your organization, which were identified by the agents. Among the intervened material are sound equipment and a large number of headphones that were to be used by attendees in order not to draw attention to the volume of the music.

The House did not have the necessary licenses for celebrations of this type and, due to the number of intervened headphones, it is suspected that they could be about 20 attendees, thus breaching anticovid measures. On the one hand, they prevent celebrations of this type, while meetings are limited to 6 people in the case of non-partners.

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