The inquest into the death of Natacha Jaitt is about to close

Thursday evening, some users of Twitter started posting a screenshot where it was observed an alleged activation of Natacha Jaitt’s Telegram account which would have occurred on April 12 at 8:45 p.m. Even Ulisesthe brother of the model who died on February 23, 2019, echoed the situation, denouncing a alleged manipulation of a phone that has been taken away since the very day of his death.

In the face of public denunciation, prosecutors Cosme Iribarren, Diego Callegari and Sebastian Fitipaldi of San Isidro, who are investigating the case, have requested a series of measures to find out why this connection occurred and if anyone touched the kidnapped phone. The results were convincing.

No one touched Natacha Jaitt’s phone which, indeed, has been sequestered since 2019: it continues with the original seals.

Moreover, the device does not even have a battery.

So if no one tampered with Natacha’s cell phone, How did you log into your Telegram account?

The screenshot of the alleged Telegram connection
The screenshot of the alleged Telegram connection

To find out the answer, Tax unit specializing in the investigation of cybercrimes of San Isidro. The first thing that was done was to check if the phone was actually protected.

The latter was certified by a document where it is mentioned that the “Samsung mobile phone – model SM-A730F/DS 8+ ID CCAH174G280T2″ is saved in theeffects room of the prosecutor’s office in charge of the investigation”.

Next, we checked how the account was activated. Natasha In Telegram.

The specialized prosecutor’s office inserted the model’s number into the WhatsApp application to find out if the line was active and if the profile photo was linked to Jaitt. This was done last weekend.

Image of Natacha Jaitt's communications file with the kidnapped cell phone
Image of Natacha Jaitt’s communications file with the kidnapped cell phone

“It was possible to effectively corroborate that there is an active user in WhatsApp assigned to this currently active telephone number and that the person appearing in the profile picture is a person whose identity is unknown but who He is different from the aforementioned Jaitt“, notes the report of this prosecution.

Following this, an analysis was requested from the company Movistar for me to send a line ownership document which belonged at the time to Natacha Jaitt. The company responded as Friday ended with report #2890570: “On September 19 at 4:20 p.m. there was a change of ownership of the line, generating a user whose name is ASR on that day.”. The company has attached the documentation.

In other words, three years after Natacha’s death, the borrower He decided to give the number that belonged to the model to someone else. It is not at all something out of the ordinary. “It’s something the phone companies do all the time. “recycle” numbers. When they see that there is one that has not been used for a long time, give it to someone else. It always happens”, explains a telecommunications expert to this media.

The Xanadu complex where Natacha Jaitt died
The Xanadu complex where Natacha Jaitt died

Continuing the investigation on the subject, in the specialized UFI, in charge of prosecutor Alejandro Musso, the application was downloaded to a phone Telegram and Jaitt’s number was programmed with the name “Natasha”. Indeed, during a search in the search engine, the number with this name was found. However, if it was deleted from the directory and the number was looked up, he did not appear.

This one, which seems technically complicated, has a simple explanation: “When the person who acquired Natacha’s phone activated the app on April 12, everyone who had programmed Natacha Jaitt before appeared to them as if was connected. This is how this app works. What was activated was the line that once belonged to Natacha because now someone else has it”explains one of the researchers.

The report of the Tax Unit ends with a conclusion: “it appears from what has been said that the reason why a Telegram account linked to the subscriber number which was punctually assigned to the citizen “Natacha Jaitt” is currently active , is either that, when the subscriber has been unsubscribed and then reassigned to a new customera new Telegram account has been created with the same phone number, which has generated that people who have maintained said contact so far can see the account as active, resulting in a new account whose user turns out to be a new person”.

Meanwhile, the file that investigates the death in time, is heading towards its final closure. For the investigators, there is no evidence that Natacha Jaitt was the victim of a homicide or of any external factor.

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