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The strike of carriers in South Korea has lasted a week with broken dialogue

The indefinite strike of truckers in South Korea in protest at the lack of aid due to the rise in fuel reached its seventh day today, with the country facing more and more logistical problems and negotiations between the union and the Government broken for the moment.

Today the union, which groups some 22,000 carriers, assured that during the last week it tried to reach an agreement with the Ministry of Transport and Territory, but said that the dialogue has eventually broken down.

The truckers have been on strike since June 7 after warning for months that they would go on strike if the Government does not extend the duration of an aid program activated in 2020 to guarantee a minimum transport rate and whose completion is scheduled for the next 31 from December.

The union, which argues that without this program, drivers will see their income depleted due to the rise in the price of diesel, assured today that on Sunday a provisional agreement was even reached in which the Government promised to make “active” efforts. to update and extend the aid program.

However, the workers’ federation assures that last-minute objections from the conservative and ruling People’s Power Party (PPP) prevented the signing of an agreement and broke off the dialogue.

Some 4,100 members (19%) of the union are participating in the strike, causing logistical and production problems for local industries.

In the port of Busan, the largest in the country, the number of containers that entered and left the day before was reduced by 75% compared to the same day the previous month, and in Incheon, the second largest South Korean commercial anchorage, the drop was 20%, according to data published by the Yonhap news agency.

Cement companies, steel mills or companies in the automotive sector have said that they have begun to see their production reduced due to logistical problems arising from the strike.

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