Marta Luisa of Norway has proven to be a ‘royal’ with clear ideas and true to herself, even above the corseted protocols of the monarchical institution. In fact, Marta Luisa starred, like Prince Harry, in her own Megxit with Durek Verrett.

The sentimental relationship, now marriage, between the shaman Durek and Princess Marta Luisa has always been highly criticized, but she is so in love that she gave up all her institutional privileges to move with him to live in Los Angeles, leaving behind her comfortable life in Norway.

She is the daughter of Sonia and Harald so from the cradle she has a lifetime assignment as well as the title of ‘Royal Highness’. Marta Luisa has already publicly complained that the salary she received was miserable, €16,000 per year, and she preferred to give it up and make a living for herself as an entrepreneur.

Since leaving the monarchy, she has generated much more income and recently bought a villa in LA where she lives with her three daughters and her shaman boyfriend who is now also a love counselor.

The arts of love seem to be good for Durek Verrett and that is why he wants to share them on a professional level with the rest of the world. In “The Shaman School” (which the name already brings them) he teaches a series of classes as an emotional coach and reveals the secrets to maintain balance in romantic relationships and not fall into the toxicity that they can bring.

As a basis for this course offered by the 47-year-old shaman, there is the most beautiful love story he has ever experienced, his with Marta Luisa from Norway! According to Durek Verrett, in this online course he tells all the secrets he used to attract the woman of her dreams to him.

The course is described as a magic potion to learn the basics of relationships and to be able to understand them at a deeper level: “they are not just about sex, but about connection and communication, about being able to create transparency between the couple to create healthier relationships.

In a video preview of the course that Durek has posted on his social networks, he talks about dysfunctional relationships: “In the past I was in many dysfunctional relationships and they were very painful, but once I discovered the truth I freed myself from them and attracted women. more centered in the heart of my life and beautiful friends who are soul-driven and authentic people. Being loved for all that I am has given me inner strength and balance. Tribe, I want the same for you. Check out my course at The Shaman School. Are you ready? Let’s go!”

Marta Luisa from Norway and Durek Verrett have been together since 2019 and, although they have been together for a relatively short time, their connection has inspired the shaman to help other lost souls in love affairs, albeit at €42 per course.

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