The savage beating of a former NFL player to his girlfriend for which he was sentenced to 6 months in prison

The savage beating of a former NFL player to his girlfriend for which he was sentenced to 6 months in prison

Former NFL Zac Stacy’s Wild Beatdown To His Ex-Girlfriend (2021)

Zac Stacy, a former NFL player, was sentenced to six months in prison after he used gender-based violence against his ex-girlfriend Kristin Evans. The event happened in 2021, and the footage, after the athlete’s conviction, went viral on social media and once again caused a stir. Additionally, the sentence was repudiated by many netizens who felt it was tempered by the seriousness of the situation.

The former running back for the New York Jets and St. Louis Rams reportedly brutally assaulted his partner after demanding the return of the money corresponding to the apartment he was renting. In the images stands out a su bebé de cinco meses observing la escena, con un Stacy (98 kilos) desencajado que levanta a la mujer del sillón y la arroja contra el televisor, provocando la caída de ella al suelo y que el aparato se volcara on.

According to information provided by TMZ, the woman is said to have presented to the hospital for treatment of a traumatic brain injury, in addition to blows and bruises. “We were told the woman called the police immediately but Stacy fled before they arrived. They also told us that she had requested a restraining order for her and her son but we have not yet confirmed this with the police. “I fear for my life and that of my children”she said at the time.

In the sequence, we also distinguish the way in which he ferociously lifts her from the ground and straightens her. Previously, he had slapped her then had struck her a few blows with a closed fist. The court determined that the 31-year-old would have six months behind bars plus a year of probation.

“Please put this man behind bars”Kristin Evans wrote on her Instagram account with the creepy videos she seems to be in. “Yes, I’m the woman in the video” and “yes, everything is fine” are some of the details the woman left on her profile after posting the images.

The statement in the case against Stacy says she punched her then-partner on the right side of the head. He then picked it up and threw it against the TV, causing it to crack and fall. Stacy continued to yell at her and punch her as she got up from the floor, before throwing her into the baby chair. “While she was still on the ground begging her to stop, he picked her up and threw her against a walker, causing the object to break.”, indicates the document. Stacy pleaded guilty to two felony counts, at the same time the assault charges were dropped as part of an agreement with Orange County authorities.

Zac Stacy was picked 160th in the 2013 draft by the St. Louis Rams, then moved on to the New York Jets and Saskatchewan Roughriders of Canada. The latest record is with the Memphis Express, a lesser franchise.

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