The Sanhedrin analyzes the preview of the Super Cup final: “It is the most vulnerable Barça of the decade”

The Sanhedrin analyzes the preview of the Super Cup final: “It is the most vulnerable Barça of the decade”

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The first grand prize of the 2020-21 season comes to Spanish football with the Super Cup final this Sunday. He Sanhedrin in the last stretch of Sports Carousel analyzed everything related to the previous match that will face the FC Barcelona and to Athletic Club at La Cartuja Stadium, Seville, at 9:00 p.m.. The doubt about the presence of Messi in the field, the arrival of Athletic Club after eliminating the Real Madrid in the semifinals they were the most talked about topics for the long-awaited meeting.

“Barça needs to win”

In relation to the weaknesses that FC Barcelona may have, Jordi Martí pointed out that “before he showed signs of fragility, but now Araujo is appearing, someone who is astonishing us all.” In addition, he insisted that the club’s coach, Ronald Koeman, “has hit the key, the 4-3-3 came to stay. Before the game they must put the video of their game against Madrid. It is necessary to be to the parrot! “.

Ituarralde González declared important words about the current situation of Barça, which he described as “the most vulnerable in the last ten years“. To which he added:” I think the changes are making Barca worse and yet not Athletic. ”

The final between Bilbao and Barcelona this Sunday puts on the table what each one plays in this long-awaited match. Jordi Martí He commented in the last section of Carrusel Deportivo that Barça “is playing an important title” because “it is at a turning point.”

The key that will determine the balance in this Sunday’s match, according to Jordi Martí, goes through “if Messi is at Barça“, in which case, the azulgranas are “favorites” and if it is not, “it will be more equal”.

“Barça needs to win this Super Cup”, clear words from Lluis Flaquer for tomorrow’s match, who also thought that “if Messi plays he can change the final.”

The “scare” that Athletic can give

The role of Marcelino’s club will be influenced by how the action unfolds on the pitch. Lluis Flaquer is clear that “he will go out to take advantage of the opportunities” with that “recognizable 4-4-2”.

A great performance is expected from the Bibaínos in La Cartuja, since as Jordi Martí himself recalled: “If you are breading at the beginning of the game, Athletic can give you a good scare.” Íñigo Marquínez wanted to point out that “for athletic it would be important to win this title because of the prestige and because of Marcelino’s project. Looking at the remainder of the domestic competition, it would be a tremendous boost”.

Subject to which Iturralde González supported Mark commenting that “it is a very important final for him Athletic to build loyalty to the fans. Reaching the finals eliminating Madrid makes the fans loyal, who need it. ”

Tomorrow at 9:00 p.m., La Cartuja Stadium in Seville will witness a very close final between two great teams of LaLiga Spanish, the FC Barcelona and the Athletic Club. Important title for being the first of the 2020-21 season, which can give a great boost to one of the two rivals that this Sunday will face each other.

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