The right would choose a single candidate for the governor of Antioquia

The right would choose a single candidate for the governor of Antioquia

This is the plan to close the way to the left and ensure that the right remains with the departmental administration.

It recently emerged that pre-candidates for governor of Antioquia, who are part of the right, would have agreed to choose a single candidate in order to close the possibilities for the left in the department.

It should be remembered that regional elections will take place in October 2023, in which Colombians will elect their mayors and governors, among other important positions.

In order to have control of Antioquia, one of the departments historically ruled by the right, this sector would unite, excluding the candidacy of at least three candidates.

Recall that on the right, there are at least four pre-candidates who want to become governor of Antioquia: Juan Diego Gomez, the Conservative Party; Eugene Prietowho belonged to liberalism; Andrés Julian Rendon; there Mauricio Tobonas an independent candidate.

Apparently, in the last hours these characters, who have an important weight in the region, met to reach this agreement.

Although Antioquia has always been a department that leans to the right, the candidates do not want to give sectors linked to the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, the opportunity to access the office of governor.

At the meeting convened “Conclave for the Defense of Antioquia”not only the gubernatorial candidates participated, but also members of Congress, councilors, among other important figures from the political scene of Antioquia.

The participants concluded that they will support the candidate finally selected and will promote it with the sole aim of keeping the cabinet of the Governor at the head of the right.

Antioquia has always been a bastion of democracy and today our commitment as Colombians is greater. We cannot let Petrism take over our department and it is by joining forces that we can achieve this,” one of those present at the aforementioned meeting told RCN Radio.

The National Registry of Civil Status has announced the creation of its own cybersecurity system in which it will use artificial intelligence in order to protect information against possible attacks on the next day of the regional elections which will take place in October of this year.

Alexander Vega Rocha, National Registrar, indicated at the first National Cybersecurity Meeting that technological cybersecurity measures are part of the project to activate the Plan of electoral guarantees which will cover the political actors of the regional elections.

In addition, he indicated that they have opened “the new cybersecurity center that will operate in the entity. With him, in addition, to take care of the biometric data of Colombians, we will also protect the country’s electoral processes.

Regarding the way it will be conducted, the clerk mentioned that: “there will be algorithms that will determine whether citizens actually vote and reside in the municipality where they registered their identity card for these regional elections”, in this way , there We are talking about a verification in the first instance of the information provided by citizens.

In addition, he pointed out that with the use of digital identification, the protection of citizens’ data is essential, also using the security system of the electorate.

According to the National Registry of Civil Status, this system will correspond to the first Data Analysis Room of the Electoral Agency, which has “the necessary technology to establish possible risks and counter all types of cyberattacks on systems“, in this case, in connection with the regional elections of October 29, 2023.

During his speech, the Registrar also recalled that this is the first time that a state entity will have its own cybersecurity system, since on other occasions it has been rented.

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