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The Revenge of a Restaurant to a Client who did not respect the Anticovid measures

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He Nice restaurant of Valladolid has been victim of false accusations by a client for not agreeing with the anticovid measures imposed on the hotel business premises. Despite the bad comments from the diner, from the restaurant they have had ingenuity and have managed to expose the individual by other comments, totally different, which he did a few months ago on his previous visits.

Bad ratings on TripAdvisor and Google

Cristina R, that’s the name of the protagonist, He went on January 10 to the Nice restaurant. Disgusted with the anticovid measures, she decided to post bad references on the TripAdvisor platform: “Pizza, crepes, little else. Children’s decoration. It’s not what it seems. I don’t like it, the food tastes like cubes of meat. Not recommended, poor quality, a lot of nonsense with security measures. In terms of quality, terrible, expensive for junk food. Neither fu nor fa. I would change the manager, ”he wrote.

The diner was not happy with her description of the place on TripAdvisor and also wanted to leave a review on Google: “Mediocre and very bad ventilation. It lacks natural light and windows; It really is not the ideal place in the current state. Pure marketing ”, sentenced.

Restaurant response

After reviewing Cristina’s comments, the Niza restaurant responded to Cristina through the social network Twitter: “Dear cristina, 4 hours ago we have kicked you out of our premises for violating health regulations. We have even called the Police for your attitude … I hope you have been comfortable … I saw you walk out the door was the best of the day. Gonzalo Soriano, ”wrote the restaurant’s founder.

But despite Soriano’s good response to the client’s shameful attitude, the thing didn’t stop there. From the Niza restaurant they wanted to go further and realized that Cristina had already gone to the restaurant a couple of times: in November 2019 and September 2020. On his previous visits, he also published assessments of Nice, the guilty parties for having exposed it.

Previous customer reviews

In November 2019 Cristina wrote: “Amazing from start to finish. Excellent service. The food is delicious, all delicious. The delicious crepes mars and the cappuccino “, wrote Cristina when there were still no restrictions for COVID-19.

But in September 2020 there were and that was when he commented: “Unbeatable value for money, very rich everything, impeccable cleaning and security against COVID. From my point of view you have to try everything, everything is delicious. The decoration is perfect. Wonderful bathrooms. The punctuality and the service do not admit a fault. It is our reference restaurant in Valladolid “, ended.

On these previous comments, the Nice restaurant responded: “Difference between the first two and the second two: that today we have invited you to leave for not complying with the same protocol that seemed impeccable in September … the pandemic was going to change us for the better?”

Support for the restaurant by Twitter users

Cristina who could not bear to see how they left her in evidence from Nice, began recruiting friends and even creating fake profiles to keep them writing “lies” about the restaurant. TripAdvisor removed them and finally from Nice they took the story with humor.

After all the mess many Twitter users replied to the different tweets of the Nice restaurant commenting that they would sign up for it to go to lunch or dinner, even a man from Andalusia called to show his support.

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