The Peruvian team has the highest average age in South America

The Peruvian team has the highest average age in South America

The ‘bicolor’ will face Germany and Morocco on the FIFA date in March.

There Peruvian team will face Germany Already Morocco March 25 and 28 in friendlies by date Fifa of this month. There ‘two-tone‘ is concentrated in Madrid for these two games. After the last call to Juan Reynoso53-year-old coach, Peru was considered the team with the highest average age of any team in conmebol.

There ‘Red and whiteHe has an average of 29 years among all his call-ups. The oldest player on the team is Jose Carvalloarcher of University, with 37 years. The youngest footballer in this last call is jesus castilloflying Sports Crystalwith 21 years.

Of the 25 selected by reynoso, 12 footballers are over 29 years old. Next to the doormancream‘, the list is made up of the following players: Pedro Gallese (33 Years), Carlos Caceda (31 years), Anderson Santamaria (31 years), Carlos Zambrano (33 Years), Miguel Trauco (30 years), Luis Advincula (33 Years), Yoshimar Yotun (32 years old), Christopher Gonzales (30 years), Andre Carrillo (31 years), Raul Ruidiaz (32 years old) and Gianluca Lapadula (33 Years).

The remaining 13 footballers are between 28 and 21 years old. Considering the midfielder’celestial‘Castillo, the band is made up of: Sergio Pena (27 years), Louis Abraham (27 years), Miguel Araujo (28 years), Marcos Lopez (23 years), Renato Tapia (27 years), Pedro Aquino (27 years), Wilder Cartagena (28 years), Edison Flores (28 years), Ray Sandoval (28 years), Andy Polo (28 years), Alex Valera (26 years old) and Percy Lisa (22 years old).

He ‘on your mind‘ left players who were off the roster at the time gareca as Christian Cueva (31 years), Gabriel Costa (32 years old), Alexander Callens (30 years old) and Paul Guerrero (39 years old). All are over 29 years old.

Called up in the Peruvian team to face Germany and Morocco.
Called up in the Peruvian team to face Germany and Morocco.

The nine South American teams will also play friendlies on this date Fifa of the month of March. The most important matches will be the Germany against Peru, Morocco against Brazil, South Korea against Colombia, Uruguay against Japan, Peru against Morocco there Japan against Colombia.

Brazil It is the team with the lowest average age, 24.2 years among all its summoned. Young players are Mycael (keeper of athletic paranaense19 years old), Robert Renan (prohibited Zenit St. Petersburg19 years old), Andrei Santos (leaflet of Vasco da Gama18 years old) and Vitor Roque (before athletic paranaense, 18 years). The oldest on his list is the Guardian Weverton (Palm trees) with 35 years.

There argentina national team appealed for 34 footballers to face Panama there curacao. There ‘albiceleste‘ is the seventh youngest team on the continent, with an average age of 26.5. His footballers under 21 are Good night (wheel of Brighton18 years), Valentin Carboni (midfielder of Inter Milano18 years old) and Maxime Perrone (wheel of Manchester City, 20 years). The most experienced is Franck Armanikeeper of River Platewith 36 years.

Uruguay He is in second position among the teams with the lowest average age with 25.3 years. In the list of 31 summoned, they have nine players under the age of 24. This list is as follows: Sebastien Caceres (defender of american club23 years), Federico Pereira (defender of Liverpool of Montevideo23 years), Manuel Ugarte (leaflet of Sport Club21 years old), Brian Rodriguez (End of american club22 years old), Diego Hernández (before The Wanderers of Montevideo22 years old), faundo torres (End of City of Orlando22 years old), By doing Pellestri (attacking from Manchester United21 years old), Matias Arezo (before Penarol20 years old) and Thiago Borbas (before RB Bragantino20 years).

1.- Brazil with 24.2 years

2.- Uruguay with 25.3 years

3.- Ecuador with 25.6 years

4.- Bolivia with 25.8 years

5.- Colombia with 26.2 years

6.- Venezuela with 26.4 years

7.- Argentina with 26.5 years

8.- Paraguay with 26.6 years

9.- Chile with 28 years

10.- Peru with 29 years

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