The PAN accuses AMLO of having attacked the INAI: “Confirms its destructive vocation”

The PAN accuses AMLO of having attacked the INAI: “Confirms its destructive vocation”

Marko Cortés called AMLO “destructive” (Photos: National Action Party / YouTube Andrés Manuel López Obrador)

Members of the National Action Party (PAN) regretted the recent decision by President Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) to veto the appointment of the new commissioners of the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI), Yadira Alarcon and Rafael Luna.

He was the leader of the blue and white party, Marko Cortes Mendozawho pointed out that the Federal President’s rejection of the new commissioners is due to his “destructive vocation” of autonomous bodies, such as what happened to the National Electoral Institute (INE) with its initiative to reform electoral law, more known as Plan B.

“López Obrador wants to kill or at least paralyze all the activities of the INAI because this autonomous body is empowered to force him to realize spending and actions of his government “something he does not want to do”, underlined Marko Cortés in his statement.

The INAI will organize elections again (Dossier)
The INAI will organize elections again (Dossier)

In addition, the national leader assured that as a political party, they will defend and monitor the autonomy of state bodies, especially before the Morenist legislators who, supposedly, seek to impose “two commissioners”. to the liking of the president.

“Like the INE, the INAI is already the heritage of society and society will not allow itself to be crushed by the force of authoritarianism, unreason and one-man whim. López Obrador has concentrated more power than any president since Plutarco Elias Calles, but he has also been the most inept and capricious, the most destructive of institutions and the most opaque.”

On March 15, the spokesperson for the Presidency, Jesus Ramirez, as well as the President of the Political Coordination Council (Jucopo) of the Senate, Ricardo Monreal Avila, They announced the Federal President’s decision, which could lead to new votes for the Institute.

His new post was appointed by the Senate (Legal Forum/Rafael Luna)
His new post was appointed by the Senate (Legal Forum/Rafael Luna)

De acuerdo con el senador morenista, el titular del Ejecutivo federal hizo uso de su derecho prerrogativa, postulada en el artículo sexto de la Constitución, para objetar con el fin de dar “rigurosidad” a los nombramientos del INAI, pues en la selección del pasado March 1 they were not voted in a complete “unity” by the Senate of the Republic.

It should be noted that the commissioners were chosen with 74 votes for, 25 against and 4 differentiated. However, now with the decision of President Andrés Manuel, it is expected that the Senate will nominate the new candidates, who must be elected at least by the three pieces removed, that is to say 60% of those who make up the assembly of the Upper House.

It should be noted that the INAI has asked the Senate to speed up the vote for new members, since since April 2022, the Institute has been operating with five commissioners, the minimum number of civil servants authorized by law. Considering this, Ricardo Monreal himself indicated that a quick decision should be made, because the agency could to starve

Senator Leader Morena highlighted AMLO's decision (Ricardo Monreal)
Senator Leader Morena highlighted AMLO’s decision (Ricardo Monreal)

And it is that one of the five members, Francisco Javier Acuña, would leave his post as commissioner on March 31, so that the Institute could cease its functions due to the lack of members. From now on, it is expected that the new elections can be held within the limit of the termination of Acuña’s functions.

“If he were absent, they could no longer meet, they would no longer have an object and The INAI was starving, being an organ of the State”, pointed out Senator Monreal on March 1.

It should be noted that the new proposals issued by the Senate will again be subject to the acceptance of the Head of the Federal Executive, if he uses the veto a second time, then the Upper House will be able to take the decision unanimously.

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