La Sedena allegedly investigated activists and intervened in their communications (GlobeLiveMedia)

On March 7, the organizations Network in Defense of Digital Rights (R3D), Section 19 there Social tic published a survey titled “Spy Army”in which they revealed that the armed forces communications from a human rights activist intervened.

And it was only three days later that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) at his morning conference confirmed that his government is investigating and tracking civilians. However, He called it “investigation” not “espionage”.

Faced with this, the R3D organization published a press release in which it condemned the president’s remarks and asked the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) to investigate the matter as they maintained that the military has no legal power to intercept the private communications of civilians.

In the statement signed by the organizations, they presented various points in which they condemned the actions of the president, since they assured that he covered the army, which gave a preamble to impunity.

“We regret that the President minimizes and disqualifies the irrefutable evidence of illegal espionage with Pegasus against Raymundo Ramos by the military”

The investigation was closed by AMLO and downplayed the fact that the Sedena made interventions in the communications of civilians and activists (@R3Dmx)
The investigation was closed by AMLO and downplayed the fact that the Sedena made interventions in the communications of civilians and activists (@R3Dmx)

They also criticized the fact that he did not hold the security company to account and instead attacked the organizations and media that had taken part in the investigation.

They continued to point out that the army does not have the legal powers to intervene in civilian communications, in addition to the fact that they did not have judicial authorization: “The espionage carried out by SEDENA It’s illegala crime and therefore unjustifiable.

Finally, they asked the FGR to conduct an investigation. “diligent and impartial” for acts of unlawful espionage against Raymond Ramoshuman rights defender, Ricardo Raphael and a journalist from Political animal.

They also requested that the head of the Sedena, Louis Croissant Sandovalwill publicly explain the justification for the interventions against Raymundo Ramos.

La Sedena allegedly spied on an activist in Nuevo Laredo (article 19)
La Sedena allegedly spied on an activist in Nuevo Laredo (article 19)

According to the investigation presented on the basis of documents leaked by the pirates of the collective macawthe Sedena established a secret military spy structure to intervene in activists’ investigations into abuses committed by the armed forces.

The secret military structure spied on defender Raymundo Ramos with the Israeli Pegasus program interfere in an investigation on the extrajudicial executions of the army in Nuevo Laredo occurred on July 3, 2020.

In the documents obtained, it is indicated that Ramos works for the Northeastern Cartel“without providing any evidence and with the intention of discrediting evidence of military abuse” and the spy team “recommends” how to use the information obtained from the activist against him.

AMLO denied spying was done (special)
AMLO denied spying was done (special)

Considering this, AMLO, during the conference of March 10, questioned by the journalist Nayeli Roldán, recognized the interventions, but justified himself denying it was espionage and instead said it was to prevent acts of “sabotage or crimes”.

“Buon, You have to do research, not espionage, it’s different and the government intelligence institute is researching”

they inform meIt is intelligence work that is done in coordination (…) and whose purpose is to learn about the movements or operations of organized crime, “explained the executive, who insisted that there is no illegality in the actions of the Armed Forces on this issue. .

However, at the insistence of journalists, who questioned the use of the intelligence apparatus on civilians, the President emphatically and emphatically denied that this was the case.

An invention of you, one more shot”, He disqualified the statements and even refused to see the evidence that Roldán offered to show him.

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