The Massive Transport System has detailed operation changes that will take place during the Carnival days. Courtesy of Transmetro.

Barranquilla’s public and mass transit system, Trasnmetro, detailed the changes in the operation which will take place during the days of celebration of the most important cultural festival in the city, the Carnival of Barranquilla.

The Transmetro system has defined its operation for the days of the Barranquilla Carnival, to be celebrated between February 18 and 21, with the early closure of its usual schedule on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Transnmetro explained that in principle the service extension hours will be until 9:00 p.m. on carnival Saturdays and until 8:00 p.m. on other public holidays.

The system manager, Fernando Isaza, said that Transmetro, through the various information channels, will announce the relevant changes to the service, among other news regarding the mobility of the public fleet.

“Transmetro is the official Carnival transport, which is why we will take them to their destination and to the main events of this celebration. Importantly, we will report all operational news we have in a timely manner, so we invite our users to keep up to date with the system’s social networks,” Isaza added.

  • For the Carnival on Saturday February 18, 2023, the start of the operation will be as usual. The first fleet of zonal routes will begin service from 5 a.m. and end at 9 p.m.

Transmetro pointed out that for that day the R40 express service will be suspended, in addition to the feeder roads of the Gran Malecón and the A8-2 Vía 40.

  • For Carnival Sundays and Mondays (February 19 and 20) the operation will start as usual on Sundays and public holidays at 5:30 am. The first long-distance services will start at this time and end their operations at 8 p.m.

The services that will suspend their operation during these two days are the departures from the Gran Malecón and the A8-2 Vía 40.

  • On Tuesday 21 Carnival (February 21) the operation will start at 5.30 am and end at 8 pm. The last services that will pay attention will be the S1 and S2 routes. On this day, the Gran Malecón service is suspended.

Transmetro clarified that due to road closures and restrictions to be carried out by the Ministry of Traffic and Road Safety, during the commemoration of the Carnival of Barranquilla, the system has been forced to modify some of its usual routes.

“Who will be notified based on your approval. The same will happen with Soledad changes and news,” the system added.

It should be noted that the system has informed that in the detour sections, the free ascent and descent of users will be carried out and in the absence of Transmetro signaling, they will also be carried out at safe points for citizens.

To date, the Transmetro public transport system has mobilized approximately 79,375 users, during 2023, for this reason, it has asked all its users and visitors to be aware of changes in routes and in hours opening hours that may be present during carnival days.

This mobility service can be paid with the debit cards of the Bancolombia, Banco de Bogotá and Banco AV Villas banking entities. Those who wish to use them to validate payment of the fare must go to the entity’s offices and request that they activate the plastic for use of the system.

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