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Apple is one of the favorite brands for users to choose a good tablet. The firm was the one that introduced this concept almost 10 years ago (specifically it was launched on March 2, 2011), and since then it has been a new way of entertaining and working. Whatever the reason you want one, you should know what you want it for and the budget you have. For the wealthiest and lovers of the firm we bring good news and this year we would see an iPad Pro 2021 with 5G.

5G on the new iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is one of the most loved tools by lovers of graphic design and especially illustration. The capabilities provided by the device added to the Apple Pencil is the most incredible and the most veteran know how to identify these improvements no matter how small they are. If we focus on the design of the device, it is the one that makes the best use of the screen with these reduced frames.

Nor can we ignore the power of the device, something that stands out above the rest of its brothers. In addition, it is one of the few that allows support with the Apple Pencil 2, something to keep in mind as well. But if you let the latest version of the most advanced tablet pass you may be compensated to wait for the next one since according to PhoneArena we could see an iPad Pro 2021 with 5G this year.

The media suggests that a new version of Cupertino’s most powerful tablet would arrive in a version of two sizes: 11 and 12.9 inches in size. A priori, the renders that have been leaked are very similar to those seen in the latest version. Both the front and the rear look almost identical, although the big news would come inside. While waiting to confirm the capabilities of the cameras, everything indicates that the tablet will come with 5G integrated.

This suggests the entry of a A14 chip or higher if it is presented with this year’s iPhone. Everything will be a matter of waiting to confirm the data and the design that for the moment remain in a simple render.

Presentation in March?

Apple is on its way to offer news to users on their devices. According to the filtration we could see this new iPad Pro in March and there are still other devices to know their date like the MacBook Pro.

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