The Money Canelo Álvarez made from his fight with Avni Yildirim

The Money Canelo Álvarez made from his fight with Avni Yildirim

The fight between Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez and Avni Yildirim is not the fight of the Mexican who could sell the most for the viewer, but the Mexican is the best pound for pound of the moment and that translates into great income.

Canelo’s idea is to fight three times in 2021, something that will generate a lot of income for him, therefore, even if the first one is the one that reports the least, it will be the necessary step to run out of obligations and be able to unify the category as he wants.

Canelo took about the same as he won against Smith. On this occasion it is estimated that the Mexican could pocket around 30 million dollars (20 from the bag and the other 10 would come from sponsorships, box office and sale of television rights).

Therefore, taking the 30 million figure for good and taking into account that Canelo was only in action for nine minutes, the Mexican pocketed $3.3 million for every 60 seconds he boxed.

For his part, Yildirim, although not a great name, saw his risk rewarded as he will have his biggest payday: two million dollars.

The numbers are astronomical and even more so when you have the vision that the lawsuit is not the one that could generate the most, despite this, it is a good business for Canelo.

Despite this, the comparison is odious with what he had before. It must be remembered that the Mexican was guaranteed 35 million per fight with his agreement with Golden Boy and DAZN.

After breaking that contract and becoming a free agent, Álvarez lost money from a starting fight, but gained freedom. For example, this lawsuit had already been denied on television. Something curious, since now DAZN is the platform that broadcasts it, but in other conditions it would have cost much more.

Different positions in the negotiations and different results. Less money, but in the end the result is the same: Canelo makes money in everything he touches.

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