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Next Monday, January 25, the fashion program par excellence returns to La 1, ‘Masters of Sewing’. Its premiere will be at 10:00 p.m., and we already know some information about the contestants in this new edition.

A season that will be presented again by Raquel Sánchez Silva, and that it will count, again, with Lorenzo Caprile, Maria Escoté and Alejandro G. Palomo like luxury judges. These will be in charge of teaching their best tricks to the 12 apprentices.

In the words of the show’s producer, Macarena Rey, this fourth edition has been “the most complicated in egos management, why the apprentices have been very warriors and they have not only competed with their own teammates, but with the jury, what has left brutal moments “.

For the casting no more and no less than 15,000 people signed up, being 2,000 more than those that appeared in the third season. In addition, the program will feature a person linked to the world of football.

From Levante to television

The fourth edition of ‘Maestros de la Costura’ will have among its ranks Javier Cortés, what is he Head of the recruitment and competition department of Levante Unión Deportiva, being also one of the most veteran of the board.

From this Monday, Javier will be one of the protagonists of the program, changing football and leaving the offices of the City of Valencia to give the best of himself as a seamstress in the ‘Masters of Sewing’ workshop.

In the presentation, the program described him like this: “Although he does not like football, he has worked for more than a quarter of a century in the board of Levante UD, a Valencian First Division club. He is in charge of recruiting players and is the right hand of the president. Furthermore, it is a fallero from head to toe. He gets involved in all the Fallas events in his neighborhood, where he also she learned to sew on her own thanks to the advice of her neighbors“.

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