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The lineman and plastic surgeon César Noval, denounced by 50 women for “very serious consequences”

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The plastic surgeon César Noval has been involved in an important controversy this week after 50 women have denounced him for “malpractice and very serious consequences, both physical and psychological”, after having undergone different operations and touch-ups at his clinic in Valencia.

Noval is known, in addition to his work as a cosmetic surgeon, for having worked as a linesman in the First Division of LaLiga Santander for several seasons. Last summer he made headlines for criticizing the Referees Technical Committee after it was decided relegate to Second Division as a result of some photos of him going viral on social networks spending the summer with several players such as Angle, Even, Soldado or Del Horno.

The controversy that is splashing you now is, however, much more serious. As explained in a report on the program Four a day, dozens of former Noval patients have come forward to criticize his lack of professionalism and tell their painful experiences when putting themselves in the surgeon’s hands. The testimonials include Chilling tales of necrotic breasts and nipples, open scars, or failed rhinoplasty.

Two of the victims have stood up to Noval himself on the set from Cuatro’s space, where the Catalan has come to try to defend himself from the scandal. “Some have remained like monsters, but you have to see how they came. The imperfections after this type of intervention are very common”, assured Joaquín Prat, who reproached him for using the word “imperfections.”

And is that The abundant graphic material of the postoperative period, gathered in an Instagram account called ‘AfectadasclínicasNoval’, gives a perfect account of the carnage. “Thank you Noval for these wonderful results of 10 as promised for the modest price of 6,936 euros”, can be read, with bitter irony, in one of the posts published in the profile, along with one of the many images that record the damage.

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