The kiss that Claudia Albertario “stole” from Oky Appo in The Challenge Argentina: “It gives me tenderness”

The kiss that Claudia Albertario “stole” from Oky Appo in The Challenge Argentina: “It gives me tenderness”

The kiss that Claudia Albertario “stole” from Oky Appo in The Challenge Argentina

With a successful start in terms of audience, the first challenge of The Argentina challenge (Telefé) on the left Juliet Bridge there Octave Ok Appo as winners while the duo made up of Fernando Burlando there caroline duer it was last in the draw and as a result they were close to being eliminated.

To try to avoid it in the show this Tuesday 14, they had to face the couple that the champions of the first round had chosen. “We were also talking with Fernando and Juli, because we want it to be something fair… Maybe they would be. Maria Fernanda Callejon there Lio Ferro, who came out before us, were second to last,” the boxer speculated on her luck for the challenge. However, he noticed a flutter on the winners of the rest of the couples who wanted to avoid falling into the elimination duel. “they are lobbying to Juli,” Duer established before Claudia Albertariohis roommate.

Amid all this lobbying, the ex-model who recently found herself embroiled in the chat portal of Fede Honeyplayed in a moment of intense flirtation with the streamer santafesino. It happened in the gardens of the house where the 18 participants live, at night, in a moment of toast and relaxation before the election of the rival couple of losers.

“Oh, Ok, how cute!” Albertario greeted him when he approached him to give him a hug in greeting. ” You are beautiful ! he replied gallantly. “I felt the need to make her understand that she was the prettiest in the group. I don’t know why, without any intention,” the 22-year-old later added. backstage.

The first approach between Oky Appo and Claudia Albertario in The Challenge Argentina
The first approach between Oky Appo and Claudia Albertario in The Challenge Argentina

The streamer didn’t hesitate and put first. “I hope my shyness doesn’t win me over and I can ask you to dance, but sometimes I’m shy and I have insecurities…”, he told Claudia in front of everyone who was in a round at that time and among whom was Callejón, a friend of Albertario. “He died with you, my love…I’m serious, bitch,” the former star opened her eyes hesitantly: “I’m surprised because he’s a kid…And I say wow, with all the the girls there like me…”

“Don’t laugh like that, Claudia,” Callejón challenged her. “But he’s 12!” argued Albertario. “He’s not 12, first of all. And all this could be your son… Well, he’s not your son,” María Fernanda counterattacked. “I didn’t say it could be my son!!” Claudia defended herself. “But you are going to tell me! I already know you… And in addition today he is the champion”, replied the sister of Sandra Callejón and the women started laughing, while Claudia proposed a toast.

The action took place in one of the rooms of the house and a round formed around a table. Oky continued his seduction games and made a proposal. “Let’s do a ‘I never’,” he said, evoking the typical teenage entertainment of earlier years of spiky questions, like-minded confessions and shots of booze. “Let’s see, come on, let the Oky who just proposed it start,” he agreed. Sofia Jujuy Jimenez. And the streamer He didn’t miss his opportunity: “I never, I never… I never liked anyone on this show.”

Streamer Oky Appo wowed Claudia Albertario at Challenge Argentina
Streamer Oky Appo wowed Claudia Albertario at Challenge Argentina

“The truth is that I arrived at the program and I was surprised that it was full of very pretty girls. Of all these girls, there was one that I found extremely cute. And if I could choose, clearly to away, that would be her,” Oky confessed and melted all the girls around her. “It was off camera and without a microphone. I approached her and said, ‘You have to know that you are the prettiest girl of all. Your age does not matter, you are the prettiest of all,” the young man confessed and Callejón immediately spoke. “I was a witness, I was right in the middle, when he told my friend Claudia Albertario,” he revealed to general surprise.

And the one who seized the opportunity at that time was Claudia, who took the reins. “Okay you I want…. I have something to offer you: can I steal a kiss from you? he says, taking the initiative. Neither boring nor lazy, both leaned their bodies on the table between them and joined their lips together for a few seconds before the general outburst. “Give him a champion, give him a champion!” They all applauded the streamer, who couldn’t believe his luck. “I did not expect it at all!”, he confessed backstage.

However, at the same time, doubts were sown in Albertario’s actions. “I think that kiss was very strategic. Claudie, hat. Well done”, analyzed the chef Rodrigo Gascony. “With this decision, Claudia has ensured that tomorrow will not go to elimination with us,” he speculated. caroline duer. “I stole a kiss from him because it generated tenderness in me,” Claudia said.

Eva Bargiela and Adrian Cormillot eliminated Fernando Burlando and Carolina Duer in The Challenge Argentina

The boxer was right, because after an intense debate between Oky and Puente at the last moment, they made the decision to appoint Adrian Cormillot there Eva Bargiela. So, they went straight to the duel which was settled with a game called “pyramid tangle”. “Each couple will have to hold on to the end of a 35 meter long rope. And each team has 15 minutes to twist and tangle the rope as much as they can. When the 15 minutes are up, the teams will have to switch places and they will have to untangle the mess of knots that the other team has made. To untangle the rope they will have to maneuver their bodies and work as a team as they will be attached to each other. The first team that manages to untangle the knots and successfully pull out the entire rope will win elimination,” Marley explained of the dynamics of the challenge.

The competition was very intense and demanded enormous physical effort from both couples. The doctor and the model were put at a bit of a disadvantage by the lawyer and the boxer because they weren’t ready to compete. However, they won by a narrow margin and left out Burlando and Duer. “That’s it, Fer, that’s it…”, she said with her last breath, the last drop of strength she had left. “Let’s carry on, let’s carry on, the buzzer hasn’t rung yet. Dale, don’t give up,” he tried to motivate but there was no case.

Carolina Duer and Fernando Burlando, the first eliminated from The Challenge Argentina
Carolina Duer and Fernando Burlando, the first eliminated from The Challenge Argentina

“The truth is, I’m shocked…I don’t understand how I can lose against people who aren’t athletes,” Carolina lamented after the elimination. “I see Caro and I tell him: ‘That’s it, it’s lost'”, resigns Burlando.

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