The images of Confrontation between Policemen and Hitmen that left five dead in Veracruz

The images of Confrontation between Policemen and Hitmen that left five dead in Veracruz

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A group of alleged kidnappers have confronted this Wednesday a troop of agents of the Ministry of Public Security of Veracruz. The holder of the state SSP, Hugo Gutierrez Maldonado has confirmed that five alleged criminals have died in the exchange and eight people deprived of their liberty have been rescued. The crash, which has lasted a few minutes and has left Colonia Cuauhtémoc, in the municipality of Xalapa, full of shells and corpses, comes just one day after 12 bodies were found in Las Choapas.

The shooting began after a police search of a house where several people were allegedly held captive. The alleged criminals have attacked the officers using firearms. The response of the security forces has been overwhelming and five of the criminals have died. “I express all my appreciation for the fellow police officers with whom with an enormous dedication, we achieved the release of 8 people deprived of their liberty and the arrest of 4 alleged criminals,” said Gutiérrez Maldonado.

Through a statement, the authorities reported that the State Police officers received the report of the location of a safe house on Río Papaloapan street, where upon arrival they were attacked with firearms, for which the officers repelled the aggression.

In the building, the elements recorded the discovery of two dismembered bodies.

The first report on the operation was made by the state government after 4:25 p.m., after minutes before the residents of the area near Murrillo Vidal Avenue alerted the firearm shots on social networks.

Photographs and videos were shown on social networks, in which the Municipal Police and the Secretary of the Navy also participated. Circulation on Río Papaloapan street and its surroundings remained closed.

On his Twitter account, the SSP secretary sent a message to the press that he was aware of the operation. “I want to send my most sincere thanks to the representatives of the communication media for providing timely and respectful coverage of these relevant actions in the fight against crime.”

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