The gestures of Charlene and Alberto de Monaco in Oslo to settle the rumors of crisis

The gestures of Charlene and Alberto de Monaco in Oslo to settle the rumors of crisis

Charlene de Monaco has put an end to her long sick leave for health reasons and to the comments that, during all that time, have accompanied her. The 44-year-old princess consort of Monaco is visiting Oslo, Norway, along with her husband, Alberto, 64. It is the first official trip outside the Principality of Monaco since she recovered her agenda, after 16 months off. The Monegasque princess accompanied her husband to the opening of the exhibition Sailing the sea of Science, in which the heir to the throne of the Nordic country, Haakon of Norway, has acted as host. In an unusual gesture, the couple has come to this trip with their children Jacques and Gabriella, two seven-year-old twins.

This trip not only has institutional importance, the joint presence of the Monegasque couple puts an end to the insistent rumors that spoke of a marital crisis. In fact, before the official act started, Alberto and Charlene kissed in front of the cameras, starring in one of the moments of the day. For the occasion, Charlene de Monaco chose a black suit with a jacket and pants, but her understated style contrasted with her relaxed and smiling image.

Little by little and after her long convalescence due to an ear infection, the former swimmer is recovering her agenda. On July 8th she is scheduled to attend the Rose Ball. This traditional spring celebration —which has moved on the calendar due to the pandemic— is one of the most important social events in the small principality. And from Europe. As she arrives on that day, Charlene is expanding her schedule after a long stint away from the spotlight.

Charlene fell ill last May while working on a rhino conservation project in South Africa, where she spent part of her childhood. The former swimmer then decided to continue with her convalescence in the African country. She was there for most of last year, sparking rumors of a marital crisis. Her husband, Prince Albert of Monaco, decided to settle them in September in an interview with the American magazine People. “I probably have to say this a few times, but it has nothing to do with our relationship. I want to make it clear. They are not problems between us, this has a different nature, ”she declared. Then there was no longer talk of hearing problems, but of a “profound exhaustion, both emotional and physical.” The surprise caused by the separation did not stop there, and the son of Raniero and Grace Kelly had to deny a possible separation again just two months later, this time in Paris Match, telling that it was not a “couple problem”: “Our relationship is not in danger at all, I want to make this clear.”

Charlene’s absences in the last year and a half have been notable. The princess did not attend the celebration of the national holiday, on November 19, although her husband had insisted a few weeks before that Charlene would be back by then. She, too, could not be seen at the traditional Red Cross gala or at the Formula 1 Grand Prix, although, without a doubt, the most notorious of hers was that of her tenth wedding anniversary with Alberto, last July. . Charlene shared an official video on social networks commemorating her link and acknowledged that they had been “difficult times”.

Finally, the Monegasque princess reappeared on May 1, at the Formula E prize, which houses the Principality. Alberto de Monaco was then in charge of confirming that it was not an exceptional act. “It’s very well, thanks. You have already seen it ”, he affirmed in the act to the newspaper The Expressen. “He has already made a public appearance and will do more in the future.” His words were soon confirmed: a week later she reappeared in a rugby tournament. In both acts, Charlene limited herself to greeting and smiling, accompanied by her husband and her two children. But last May she broke her silence and answered questions from journalists at an event she attended with her daughter, talking about her state of health and the constant rumors of a crisis. “You want to talk about the divorce rumors or my new residence in Switzerland”, she snapped at a journalist. “I find it unfortunate that some media outlets spread such rumors about my life or my relationship.” She has not had to do more than a brief trip with her husband and her children to, herself, placate the rumor mill.

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