The Emir of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, must pay his ex-wife, the princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, and her two sons some 550 million pounds (645 million euros), the highest figure set by a British court in a divorce case.

The London High Court released its decision yesterday on the compensation to be received by his sixth wife, Haya de Jordania, 47, which amounts to 251.5 million pounds (295 million euros). A happy ending after the arduous legal battle of the princess, who fled Dubai in May 2019 fearing for her life and the kidnapping of her children.

In addition, the 77-year-old emir will continuously pay his children, Al Jalila and Zayed, aged 14 and 9, respectively, through a bank guarantee of 290 million pounds (340 million euros) as maintenance as minors and their financial security as adults, according to the judge’s order.

The British courts have also ordered the sheikh to pay the security costs needed by his ex-wife and children. “Given their status and the general threat of terrorism and kidnapping that they consequently face, they are particularly vulnerable and need a high level of security to remain safe in this country”, has ruled the judge who also acknowledges that, “the main threat they face comes from the sheikh himself”.

Once the sentence was known, a spokesman for Al Maktoum has issued a statement in which he affirms that the emir, prime minister and vice president of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), “has always ensured that his children are well cared for.” “The court has now decided on the financial issue and he does not wish to comment. He has asked the media to respect the privacy of his children and not to interfere in their lives in the UK”, the note concludes.

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