Victor Osimhen talks about Maradona and Napoli

Despite the recent loss to Lazio in Serie A, Napoli’s present is unbeatable. Leadership in Calcio with 15 points clear of escorts Inter Milan and one foot in the Champions League quarter-finals after the 2-0 away win against Frankfurt in Germany (the rematch will take place on Wednesday next on an Italian ground). Victor Osimhen He is one of the big culprits: the Nigerian star is his team’s top scorer but he asserts his feet on the ground and it does not even occur to him to compare himself to the idolatry he has generated ( and generates). Diego Armando Maradona among the Neapolitans.

“Of course, we are doing pretty well this season. All is well. The fans are amazing, the coaches, the staff, everyone, the president,” the 24-year-old African said in an interview with Bein Sports. And he clarified: “I just want to say that I still don’t consider myself not like an icon until I reach the goal the club has set for itself this season. I think we have a very good opportunity to be considered as such.”

It’s 13 games that separate the team led by Luciano Spalletti from the Scudetto, a goal he has only achieved twice in history at the hands of the Argentine star. Even so, Osimhen remarked that what Diego did is unattainable: “Although we have a good chance of winning the Scudetto and doing very well in the Champions League, it wouldn’t be comparable to what Maradona has done for this club.”

The images of Victor Osimhen with a Maradona shirt that he posted a while ago on social media (@victorosimhen9)
The images of Victor Osimhen with a Maradona shirt that he posted a while ago on social media (@victorosimhen9)

On the idolatry that the Argentinian generates in the city, he contributed: “As I said, he is more than a legend for them, he is a demi-god. What we do as a group, he did alone for Napoli. I think we can’t compare, even if we win the Scudetto, we can’t compare what he has done for the club with what we are doing now. We are inspired by what he has done and try to make him even prouder in every way.”

The Nigerian who has scored 21 goals so far this season (with 19 he is the current goalscorer in Serie A) is excited about the present and sees the climate of optimism in the city: “As that footballer, when you arrive in Napoli you fall in love with football even more, because I think the fans have probably based their whole life on sport and supporting their team and the city, so trying to give them something something they will remember is a big mission for me.”

Osimhen concluded: “I can’t wait to see smiles on their faces because the love they’ve shown me since I’ve been here in 2020 has been overwhelming. So to return the favor I have to give it my all on the pitch and make sure I make them very, very happy.”

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