The ‘decoration’ that became Argentina’s cabal at the World Cup and will accompany Messi remotely at The Best awards gala

The ‘decoration’ that became Argentina’s cabal at the World Cup and will accompany Messi remotely at The Best awards gala

Pablo Brusso, the trumpeter of Argentina in the World Cup: the “decoration” become cabal and the “repentance” provoked by Messi

There were still a few months to River Plate champion of the 1993 Apertura (finalized in 1994) was crowned. He monumental stadium ceased to be the home of Millionaire for a few days nothing more. welcome from Sir Paul McCartney on his first visit to Argentina, he concluded with three recitals held in Núñez between December 10 and 12. Less than a decade after his birth, Pablo Busso he envisioned a recital that would greatly change his life. It was one of his first contacts with music, the very one that led him to be one of the star trumpeters of the argentina national team in Qatar and surrender to the talent of Lionel Messito the point of dedicating the composition of a song to him.

Guided by the German College of Temperley, he attended a band organized within an evangelical church, a choir composed of wind and percussion instruments. “The concert made me want to learn to play the guitar. I started to realize that I had a certain ease in playing the instruments,” he said of a fact that began to pique his curiosity from the age of 9 in a conversation with GlobeLiveMedia.

The flame of knowledge led him to enroll in US Foreign Service (AFS) to participate in an exchange program. He finished his final year of high school in Vienna and loved the country so much that he returned to live for the next four calendars. In the land of Mozart began a love that crossed high and low tones, but the conclusion of the symphony raced like the speed of light through his head. In this section he lived the first World Cup of his life and cemented the conditions of his fanaticism for Messi.

“What he represents in me covers us all, and especially in this World Cup in Qatar because those who were still anti-Messi could also fall in love with the greatness he always had,” he said. said after seeing him in action in South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014 there Qatar 2022. However, the last World Cup He inscribes an element of “decoration”, which takes on a preponderant role over the days: “I had not brought the trumpet to the other World Cups out of modesty. I have never liked to stand out in an environment that is not mine. However, This time, I felt like I had to take it, as a joke, right? And all of a sudden when I pulled it out and started playing it on the way to the stadiums… It was party time”.

In a conversation with GlobeLiveMedia, he told how he brought the instrument into each court and the click he made in his life after the world championship

His father, Freddy, his brothers Lucas, Juan, Gabriel and his brother-in-law Pablo were luxury spectators of the concerts he gathered around him, an action repeated at each preview: “Before the match, it was a way of easing tensions”told this media the need to calm the stress of each match by using an instrument capable of entering all the matches, but not before having heated dialogues with the goalkeeper at that moment: “The measures of my trumpet they were right in the entry requirements. He lived arguing with the people in charge of the entrance. They let me in against Saudi Arabia and for the second game I showed the picture from that time. After a bit of discussion, we still passed it on.

Despite the fact that he was not part of the fan center, each victory Albiceleste he caused an immediate encounter with the noisiest sector to continue into the redoubt. The footballers of argentina national team they approached to contemplate the fans and the trumpet, religiously guarded at each first whistle, emerged from its hiding place. Saturday December 3 was the last time this tool was shown in a stadium: “We stayed as far as Australia”. The financial impossibility and the uncertainty of obtaining tickets precipitated his stay. He never used his musical gift to make a financial profit on Asian soil: “No, that wasn’t the idea. I went there with my brothers and my old man to enjoy being there and get to know the place. I just brought the trumpet as decoration.”. With eight years of absence between 2014 and 2022, his absence was repeated again in a world final for the same reasons.

His return to Argentina didn’t stop him talking about it in the minutes leading up to the engagements against the Netherlands, Croatia and France with different videos that were part of a home preview in the imposed heat. by the house and were uploaded to his social networks. a ritual that has maintained the custom began in Qatar. The 38-year-old composer watched all the duels at his parents’ house. “I suffered the matches in the same way or worse than on the pitch because you feel more foreign and helpless”he detailed.

The 3-0 victory against Croatia in Lusail Stadium a seed sown long ago has ripened: “I was already thinking of composing a song for Messi. At each World Cup, an idea came to my mind, but I didn’t pursue it”. His subsequent coronation gave him a new impetus to complete a project, which became the first in a long series. After putting a smile on his face as he remembered the image of the star at the Cup, he pointed to it as a “reference” and underlined the change it has brought to his personal life: “It caused me regret because I didn’t have the resilience he had. I returned to Argentina in 2009 and from then on I wasn’t brave enough show my music forcefully as I wanted. When I fell, I let myself go. I was looking to do things in my comfort zone. I didn’t keep promoting my songs cause I was looking for the mistake”. “It gives me the will to focus and not give up on the passions I imagine and visualize. Now I feel like it,” he said.

Pablo in action with the piano, one of his favorite instruments along with the trumpet, guitar and flute
Pablo in action with the piano, one of his favorite instruments along with the trumpet, guitar and flute

Passion, rigor, pride. These are just a few words used in his oratory to refer to the 35-year-old footballer. One stanza states that he “faces a horizon of desires” and the singer declared what he was up to with this theme: “My wish is that it reaches Lionel. Did it reach you? I don’t know… I was told that different people he might have met tried to send it to him, but they didn’t give me much response. I don’t want to depend so much on your answer either. I don’t say: ‘My dream is that I receive it’. Hopefully”.

At the same time, the pianist works in different events, formats and styles to be able to live from his main profession. However, he already has a date set for February 27. The price The best will give him an award for the best fans of 2022 and Argentina is one of the nominees. Attentive to the choice, he confessed between two laughs: “I’m going to see the gala with the trumpet next door”.

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