The Coronavirus kills an Entire Family in 20 days

The Coronavirus kills an Entire Family in 20 days

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Has happened in Venice. An entire family made up of a father, mother and child have died within days of each other from COVID-19, though the prosecution has opened an investigation into the death of the son, Ivan Busso, a 42-year-old married man with a two-year-old daughter, due to a bacterial infection that he contracted in the hospital.

Ivan began to notice the first symptoms of COVID-19 on December 3 and after that fI was hospitalized due to suffering from a very high fever. He entered the Dolo COVID Hospital, in the Riviera del Brenta. While in the hospital, Ivan contracted a bacterial infection, which is why the prosecutor opened an investigation. Finally, Ivan Busso died on January 1 due to the complication from that infection.

His parents died within days of each other

While she was in Dolo’s hospital, her parents were also hospitalized in serious condition, in the Intensive Care Unit of the Mestre hospital. The mother fell ill a week after her son and the father was hospitalized on December 11.

Ivan’s funeral was held on January 15, the day the 42-year-old’s mother died. As reported by the newspaper ‘La Reppublica’, It was the parish priest of the church of Malcontenta, in Venice, who gave the sad news during the homily. The woman was 65 years old. Just three days later, the 72-year-old father passed away. “The only consolation is to think that now the three of them are together, in heaven,” said Ivan’s friends.

The Venice prosecutor’s office has opened a dossier on the death of the man after the complaint filed by his wife Elisa to clarify how her husband could contract the bacterial infection during hospitalization, since He was a healthy man with no known pathologies.

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