The Senate has been paralyzed for 6 months

There Chamber of Senators of the Nation is paralyzed 6 months ago. The absence of agreements and consensus means that the blocs do not reach a meeting point allowing the Upper House to move forward on a series of issues, including the approval of documents from judges and prosecutorsespecially those whose destination is the city of Rosario, epicenter of drug-related violence.

Although there have been meetings this week between representatives of the Frente de Todos y Juntos por el Cambio to try to unblock this situation, in the last hours the opposition accused Cristina Kirchner of the strike.

These remarks fell badly into the kirchnerism, that last night issued a statement in which point out that it was Together for Change that brought the place to a standstilland this was explained by the vice president of the ruling interbloc Anabel Fernandez Sagasti in conversation with GlobeLiveMedia.

Anabel Fernandez Sagasti
Anabel Fernandez Sagasti

“Since December, we could have approved the judges of Rosario and we did not have them on a whim of Together for Change“said the senator who chairs the Agreements Commission. “We proposed to meet on December 22, since we already had the specifications, and they did not give a quorum. We proposed a session agreed with the Lucio Law, Zero Alcohol, Heart Disease Law, Single Certificate of Invalidity; and a lot of questions that many groups are waiting for, and they didn’t give us quorum. We proposed it again on February 23, in the preparatory session, there are the opinions and there are no objections and they did not want to meet either,” he said.

Fernández Sagasti denies that there is an order from Cristina Kirchner to stop the documents and attacks Together for Change. “We even offered them to meet on March 24 with questions of human rights and for 40 years of democracy and they didn’t want to either. We are now in talks to meet on March 30.

As he explained, now another discussion started around the session of the 30th -which is not confirmed-. The opposition only wants to discuss the specifications of the 3 Rosario judges, while the ruling party aspires to move forward with 34 posts of magistrates and prosecutors who already have an opinion.

Faced with the question of whether they had “canned” the dates due to the relationship of Elena Beatriz Dilario, one of the judges shortlisted to go to Santa Fe, along with Dr. Hoods – magistrate who deals with the cause of the assassination attempt against the vice-president of the Nation – categorically denied it. “He has the document with an opinion, everything is ready, They are the ones who arrest him because the National Council of Together for Change has given the order not to meet and paralyze the institution”.

Presentation of Judge Elena Dilario at the meeting of the Senate Agreements Committee
Presentation of Judge Elena Dilario at the meeting of the Senate Agreements Committee

The specifications that have notice for having Rosario as a destination are those of Eduardo Daniel Rodríguez Da Cruz, Elena Beatriz Dilario and Gastón Alberto Salmain. The first two were proposed for the Chamber of the Federal Oral Criminal Court No. 2 and the third for the Federal Court of First Instance No. 1.

“We have 34 legos from all over the country, 3 are from Rosario. the deficit in the appointments is very high and is the consequence of a whim of the opposition to try to paralyze the institutions we do not give an answer to millions of Argentines. In this, as in so many other things, in Together for Change they play a story worse better. Governments can change their political color, but the institutions have to work, there has to be agreement and fair speech,” condemned the senator.

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