The complement begins and General Caballero JLM is the partial winner of the match

The complement begins and General Caballero JLM is the partial winner of the match

With goals from Jorge Sanguina (17′ 1T, penalty) and Cristhian Báez (34′ 1T), Graal Caballero JLM started the match on the scoreboard.

After losing in their last game, the home side want to rediscover victory in front of their own and get the three points. The visit only saved one unit the day before and will fight to hold on to victory.

General Caballero JLM suffered a severe blow in their 1-2 loss on the final day against Olimpia. In the previous duels, in 2 the final result was a tie and they lost 2 of them. In these days they scored 8 goals and scored 3 against their opponents.

Cerro Porteño got a point thanks to a draw in 3 against Sportivo Luqueño. In the last games they have played, they have won 1 and drawn 3, with 9 goals against their rivals and they have beaten their fence 7 times.

The local is in ninth place with 6 points (1 PG – 3 EP – 3 PP), while the visitor has 11 points and is in sixth place in the table (2 PG – 5 EP).

Referee David Ojeda was chosen to carry out the actions of the match.

Formation of General Caballero JLM today

Strategist Troadio Duarte bet on a 4-4-2 formation with Gustavo Arévalos under the three sticks; Miller Mareco, Manuel Romero, Tobias Castellano and Tomás Lezcano in the saw; William Hauche, Juan Franco, Jorge Sanguina and Cristhian Baez in the middle; and Edgar Benitez and Clementino Gonzalez as forwards.

Formation of Cerro Porteño today

For his part, coach Facundo Sava proposed a 4-4-2 tactical scheme with Jean Fernandes in goal; Alberto Espínola, Juan Patiño, Gabriel Báez, Wilder Viera on the defensive line; Federico Carrizo, Robert Piris da Motta, Ángel Cardozo Lucena and Claudio Aquino in midfield; and Braian Samudio and Diego Churín in front.

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