Valdir Segato, known as “the Brazilian Hulk”, died last Tuesday of “natural causes” on the day he would have turned 55, according to the Ribeirão Preto police report.

The neighbors of the famous tiktoker said that last week Segato said he did not feel well and asked the owner of the property he was renting in southeastern Brazil for help. They also specified that he complained of having difficulty breathing.

As reported by the Brazilian media outlet O Globo – a week after his death when the news broke – the man was rushed to the Northern Emergency Care Unit (UPA), but managed to be saved. One of the neighbors who transported him to the medical center said that Segato “fell in the reception”.

The Municipal Secretary of Health confirmed that the man was treated at the North UPA on July 26. The wake and burial took place on the afternoon of Wednesday 27, at the Bom Pastor Cemetery, in Ribeirão Preto.

Segato was famous on social networks, where he showed videos of his giant muscles, however – as it turned out – he was an isolated person, without many friends or family.

In 2016, during an interview with the British newspaper Daily Mail, the man claimed to have injected Synthol into his body. This substance generates a false sensation of muscle growth and has no medical use. When injected into the body, it can cause various health problems, including death.

Synthol is the dangerous result of mixing oil, lidocaine and benzyl alcohol, which allows an immediate increase in volume because it works like an implant on the body. The use of this substance increases the risk of infections, muscle fibrosis, tumors, brain and muscle problems.

As indicated in an interview with the source, Segato had said that he chose this path because, despite the fact that he trained a lot in the gym, he did not achieve the same results as other people. “He was very skinny, he wanted to be like them,” the man had recognized.

On his TikTok account, he had 1.7 million followers from all over the world. There he took care to show the transformation of his body, his huge biceps in relation to the rest of his arms, his inflated trapezius and his back.

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