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The best surgical masks in supermarkets according to the OCU: Lidl, Mercadona, Día …

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, masks are part of our daily lives. Its use it has become so normal that what is really strange is seeing someone on the street without wearing it put. There is a wide variety: surgical, FFP2, FFP3 …

Now, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has drawn up a list of the best surgical that can be bought in Spanish supermarkets. To do this, they have taken into account several aspects, such as the efficiency when it comes to filtering, the price, the regulations that each mask meets or breathability.

The best three: Mercadona, Lidl and Día

In this ranking, the first three positions are for Mercadona, Lidl and Día. Both the Valencian and the German chains share the first place in the table. In the case of Mercadona, its masks are from the Deliplus brand and are certified under the UNE 0064 standard. Their ability to filtration is 99% and ten units cost 6 euros.

For his part, heLidl’s ace are from the Chinese brand Jiangsu Excellense. They stand out for the quality of their fastening rubbers, they are type II surgical (the highest in the category), their ability to filtration is 99% and they are certified by the EN 14683 standard. Its price is 5.99 euros for the package of ten units.

The third place is completed by the Day. They are made by the brand Mask4U and certified by the EN 14683 standard. Its breathability is good, although the filtration capacity is somewhat lower than the previous two and it stands at 98%. They are the cheapest of the three, since their cost is 1.80 euros for a pack of ten units.

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