Revenge equals justice for the bat and the cat.

Following The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves is already a fact. But fans of this superhero will have to be very patient since the film will only see the light of day on October 3, 2025. The date was announced by the production company Warner Bros. Discovery in a press release which in turn reported on other projects. .

And they also gave fans another great news: The Batman it will be a trilogy, which is why they will have a third film of the undisputed hero of Gotham City. “Matt is working on (The Batman – Part II), which he considers a Batman detective saga, which also includes the TV series The Penguin“, said James Gunn one of the minds of the DC universe and added: “And it’s his own thing and he works hard on it. He came over and showed us some really cool and amazing stuff the other day. So our plan is for that to continue.”

The film "The Batna" will have a sequel
The movie “The Batman” will have a sequel

The idea is that this new film has the same collection or exceeds The Batman which managed to collect over $770 million at the global box office. Upon its arrival on the HBO Max platform, it also reached excellent numbers, reaching views in 720,000 homes in the United States on its first day of joining the catalog.

In addition to Pattinson, actor Andy Serkis has been confirmed to once again play Batman’s trusty butler, Alfred Pennyworth. They have yet to confirm if the movie will again feature Zoe Kravitz who played Catwoman/Catwoman or Barry Keoghan who brought the Joker to life. For now we will also have the series of The Penguin for HBO Max, with Colin Farrell, which will temporarily be between the first film and the second of this Batman trilogy. Another of the projects DC is working on is Superman: Legacy, which will also arrive in 2025 and will be directed by Gunn himself.

The Penguin (Colin Farrell), the Batman series, will begin a week after the film.
The Penguin (Colin Farrell), the Batman series, will begin a week after the film.

And there’s more Batman. According to what Peter Safran and James Gunn said, the other Batman, that of the DCU, also passes in front. The film will take as central Damian Wayne, the son of Batman. “It’s the story of Damian Wayne, who is the real son of Batman, who we didn’t know existed for the first eight to ten years of his life. He was raised as a petty assassin. He’s a petty son of a bitch. He’s my favorite Robin. He’s based on the Grant Morrison comic book series, which is one of my favorite Batman series. And we’re putting it all together right now,” Gunn wrote.

To tell this new story, the creators based themselves on Grant Morrison’s 2006 comic strip entitled Batman and his son (Batman and the son). “Obviously it’s a movie and it will feature other members of the extended bat family,” said Peter Safran, another of the masterminds behind the project. “Only because we feel like they’ve been left out of the Batman storylines for too long in the movies,” he concluded.

"The Batman-Part II" hits theaters October 3, 2025 (Warner Bros.)
“The Batman-Part II” hits theaters October 3, 2025 (Warner Bros.)

But before all these movies, the second installment of Todd Phillips’ Joker will arrive in theaters, which will take the name of Joker: Madness for Two, starring Joaquin Phoenix and the addition of Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn. This film is to be seen on October 4, 2024 in theaters.

You can see The Batman in the HBO Max catalog.

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