The 8 curiosities of Luisito Comunica on YouTube

The 8 curiosities of Luisito Comunica on YouTube

Luisito communicates, opened his YouTube channel on April 14, 2012 (Instagram Photo)

Luisito communicates is a famous youtuber, vlogger there presenter Mexican television. His real name is Luis Arturo Villar Sudek and he was born on March 20, 1991 in Puebla, Mexico. So far, the content creator is one of the biggest in the video platform.

Luisito Comunica is known for his travel and adventure videos, which he publishes on his channel Youtube “Luisito Communique”. In his videos, he documents his experiences in different parts of the world, including his interactions with local people and his explorations of the culture and food of each place.

In addition to his online work, Luisito Comunica has also worked on Mexican TV shows like “Exatlon Mexico” e “The Voice of Mexico”. He has also collaborated with major brands such as CocaCola, Audi there Samsung.

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On social media like instagram He already has a total of 33.3 million followers, with over 2,000 posts on his profile account. Also, in your account ICT Tac has 16.1 million followers, with more than 131.1 million “likes” on the social network.

On social networks like Instagram, he already has 33.3 million followers.  Photo: Instagram @luisitocomunica
On social networks like Instagram, he already has 33.3 million followers. Photo: Instagram @luisitocomunica

Luisito communicates, opened his YouTube channel on April 14, 2012, which he describes as the coolest (coolest) YouTube channel which 9 years later adds more than 8,262,047,906 visits to his profile and 39.9 M of subscribers who make it Influencer best known in Mexico.

The channel’s first video was titled “Humorous talent interviewsin which, as a 21-year-old communications student, he interviewed passers-by on the streets of the center and nine-year-old first click on the channel adds 1.6 million views.

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Luisito’s most popular video was posted in 2017 and is titled “Try street food in China” with a total of 63 million views and with which he began to travel through Latin America and the whole world.

Now Luisito comunica lives in Mexico City, he is 30 years old and from 2019 he began to accumulate in his investment portfolio companies in the sectors of telecommunications, catering, e-commerce, textile design, publishing and digital advertising.

Her clothing brand theking of pigeons“mobile telephony”pillofon“, your restaurant”Fasfu Burgers» and the launch of his book «extraordinary placesare some of the ventures the broadcaster has undertaken based on the success and fame he has achieved with his YouTube channel.

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The channel's first video was titled
The channel’s first video was titled “Funny interviews about talents” (YouTube/Luisito Comunica)

After publishing a book and creating a clothing brand, youtuber Luisito Comunica launched his mobile phone company, Pillofón, which currently operates only in Mexico.

The annual plans, called capo, Crack there DogThey offer packages ranging from 5 to 40 GB per month, unlimited calls, texts and social networks, depending on the package purchased. Prices are between 1,299 and 3,499 Mexican pesos per year.

The network is operated by Director of Telecommunicationsan Independent Virtual Mobile Operator (MVNO) that uses spectrum from Altán Redes’ Red Compartida.

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