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Tenerife-Burgos: a debut against the Huertas-Shermadini couple

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San Pablo Burgos opens in the Cup in his fourth season in the elite of Spanish basketball and he does so against Iberostar Tenerife, which is performing at a high level and rubs shoulders with the greats. Fitipaldo is measured with his exes and Kravic played one of his best games of the season against Shermadini.

Iberostar Tenerife

Iberostar has earned it hard to stop being considered the Endesa League revelation team. In Tenerife things are being done very well and he has gotten used to rubbing shoulders with the Euroleague teams. The pieces have fitted well into a team led by Txus Vidorreta, the one who knows Marcelinho best. Tyler Cavanaugh, Bruno Fitipaldo and Aaron Doornekamp have raised the bar for a team that wants to surprise in Madrid. For now, his ceiling is the semifinals.

The best of Iberostar Tenerife

In 2019 Iberostar experienced a real revolution and changed the entire team (the veteran was Gielo, who had played only one game), but it turned out well. Marcelinho and Shermadini may be one of the best understood couplesn of the entire Endesa League and the Georgian is making merits to be the MVP of the season. The team that scores the most this season (88.32) and one of the best in shooting three.

The worst of Iberostar Tenerife

A slightly shorter squad than other teams and that it depends a lot on the connection of its bases (Marcelinho and Fitipaldo) with Shermadini. If the Georgian is well guarded, Iberostar has a harder time finding other options. Santi Yusta has just returned: the Galician underwent surgery in February and had not played for almost ten months. The greats choke him: he has lost against Barça, Madrid and Baskonia this season.

Inherit San Pablo Burgos

The illusion in this Cup puts it the Hereda San Pablo Burgos, which debuts in the competition. The Castilian-Leon team trusted Joan Peñarroya in 2019 and it has turned out well. In his fourth year in the elite he has released his record (he won the Champions League at the beginning of October) and he was about to get among the seeds in this tournament. A team without big names, but that has been greased to perfection.

The best of Hereda San Pablo

They reach the Cup without any pressure and with the memory of the final phase of Valencia (they got into the semifinals) still fresh. Omar Cook is one of the best passers in the Endesa League and Burgos boasts good shooters (McFadden, Renfroe …) and warriors, with Jasiel Rivero and Vitor Benite at the helm.

The worst of Hereda San Pablo

He has never been in the Copa del Rey and inexperience in this tournament usually pays off. It depends a lot on your outside shot (of the teams that shoots the most than three), so part of your options will be in how your exteriors are raised. His inner game is somewhat short, even more so after the departure of Huskic and the arrival of Salash, in full adaptation.

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