Kabul, March 9. The governor of the northern province of Balkh, a senior Taliban official, and two other people died on Thursday in an explosion during a work meeting, without the causes of the incident being known for the moment. nor if it was an attempt.

“Unfortunately, in today’s explosion, the governor and two civilians died,” provincial police spokesman Asif Waziri told EFE, without giving details of the cause of the explosion.

The explosion took place while the Taliban governor of this region, Mohammad Dawood Muzammil, was holding an administrative meeting of the Balkh government.

So far, no armed group has claimed responsibility for this possible attack.

Muzammil, who previously served as governor of Nangarhar province, is the first governor to lose his life in an incident like this, believed to be a possible attack, since the fundamentalists rose to power in August 2021.

Muzammil was appointed to Balkh eight months ago, and after his arrival the security situation began to improve, according to some locals.

Similarly, the province’s girls’ secondary schools, one of the few to briefly remain open despite a nationwide ban imposed by the Taliban, closed after Muzammil’s arrival.

Although the Taliban have been in full control of Afghanistan for several months, their government, without access to reserves or international banks, has limited resources to move the country forward.

The guarantee of security and control of jihadism was one of the great demands of the fundamentalists in the territories under their control during the war with the deposed government and the international forces.

Yet since coming to power, the jihadist group has stepped up attacks, with Taliban members themselves and their leaders among their main targets. EFE


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