Swiss foundation trains informal builders to improve housing in Colombia

Swiss foundation trains informal builders to improve housing in Colombia

Hilti, market leader in fastening and demolition technology for construction professionals, presented the results of the initiatives developed in the country, in which, beyond financial strength, various actions stand out that, through its foundation, impact the quality of life of Colombians.

Since 1996 the Hilti Foundation has pursued sustainable goals, focusing its efforts on thematic areas such as affordable housing and technology and music for social change.

Through its global projects, the Foundation supports people by offering them opportunities to develop their skills and talents that form the basis for an independent and self-determined life.

One of the most important focuses in Colombia has to do with the issue of affordable housing and technology. It is estimated that 1.6 billion people live in substandard housing around the world.

The Hilti Foundation believes that a safe home is the foundation for the positive development of every human being and has therefore set itself the goal of providing sustainable support to those in need to improve their housing situation.

In 2010 the foundation joined forces with Swisscontact for the Construya project in Colombia, with the aim of training informal and self-managed builders in informal settlements in best construction practices to improve structural safety in these neighborhoods.

The investment was allocated to the creation of public-private partnerships, in which public institutions are developing training content, and private partners from the construction sector use the content to implement campaigns and courses.

Building homes for families in need began as a project in 2012 when Hilti engineers in the Philippines tested innovative construction technologies for all supporting elements of a building.

Other important projects of the company in the sector are: construction of hospitals in Bosa, Metro Line One Bogotá and Line Two in the future, infrastructure especially to create tunnels, water purification and ports.

Cultural contribution

The focus area “Music for Social Change” offers young Colombians opportunities to enhance their personal development.

Playing music in collective settings provides young learners not only with the opportunity to discover their talents and develop their self-confidence and self-esteem, but also promotes their social skills and their shared sense of mutual responsibility.

Since its inception in 2011, the program has been able to provide children and youth with an education for life, and has also been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on their families and society.

In Medellín, Iberacademy has paved the way for academic music training for some 300 students. As of 2019, 150 students have completed their education with a bachelor’s degree and another 60 have earned a master’s degree.

About a third of graduates work full time as musicians, including at music schools in the Antioquia region, which instruct some 2,500 children.

In this way, more than 600,000 citizens have been sensitized to date, and more than 30,000 builders received training.

Additionally, 21 partners decided to continue their collaboration to implement trainings for informal and self-managed builders when the grant was canceled last year.

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