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A suspected member of a criminal group He was arrested and they were insured 200 bags of cocaine and five cartridges useful after a search in a residence of the town hall iztapalapaMexico.

The operation took place on Thursday March 2 and elements of the Secretariat for Citizen Security (CSS) in coordination with the pursuit General de Justicia (FGJ), both from the capital and with the support of elements of the National Guard (GN).

The agents had received several complaints from neighbors indicating the presence of a person carrying out security operations. drug trafficking, extortion, identity theft and fraud in the zone.

In view of this, the uniformed officers conducted investigations with different lines of analysis, identifying that the property of the criminal operations was located on rue du December 22, 1860, Colonial reform laws.

Perception of insecurity in Mexico City (Photo: CDMX Government)
Perception of insecurity in Mexico City (Photo: CDMX Government)

“Apparently it was used by the aforementioned person to distribution and marketing of drugs the SSC noted in its report.

The data collected was handed over to a public prosecutor, who requested and obtained from a supervising judge that the search warrant be issued at the indicated property.

With official authorization to search the house, elements of the SSC Reaction and Intervention Team (ERI), as well as personnel from the FGJ and the GN, carried out their deployment.

Where they found 200 plastic bags orange color which contained cocaine and five useful cartridgesIn addition, the possible defendant, aged 24, was arrested.


The things insured and the detainee were presented to the public prosecutor so that the relevant investigations could be carried out and the legal situation of the detainee determined. As, the place was sealed off and placed under police protection.

In another action, elements of the capital’s SSC arrested a man in the mayor’s office iztacalco that youHe had an arrest warrant for the crime of aggravated robbery.

The man had been denounced by several people, so the authorities carried out the corresponding investigations to identify and find him. It might be related to a crime cell that is dedicated to assaulting people who attend massive events.

The operation to arrest him was carried out on Sur 187 and Oriente 102, in the Gabriel Ramos Millán neighborhood, Bramadero section, where they located the man.

The male baby was born at Pantitlán Station (SSC)
The male baby was born at Pantitlán Station (SSC)

According to the report, when the person noticed the presence of the police “I try to escape and he began to run through the streets, for which a pursuit began on the ground, which ended at the intersection of Calle 4 Sur and Avenida Té, where they caught up with him and took him held. It should be noted that during the chase, the man fell to the ground and injured his face without requiring medical treatment or transfer to hospital.

The 22-year-old subject was transferred to a detention center for a judge to determine his status for the crimes associated with him.

It should be noted that after the exchange of information carried out by the SSC of the capital with other authorities, it was found that the current detainee is linked to the complaint of a person through social networks on 30 October 2022, who reported being attacked on the streets of said settlement.

Likewise, the man had already been admitted to the prison system of Mexico City for the crime of robbery of a pedestrian in 2018, as well as with a presentation before the Public Ministry in 2019, for Robbery.

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