Susana Baca is admitted to Rebagliati Hospital. (Capture)

Susan Read He used his social networks to inform that he had been admitted to the Rebagliati hospital for several days. This Wednesday, March 1, the Peruvian singer left more than one surprised by revealing that she was going to undergo a complicated operation.

“I want to tell you that I was hospitalized for several days at the Rebagliati Hospital, I need a complex operation, but, at my age, which is not complex… It comforts me to receive a lot of love and the strength of hope, also the solidarity of those who work here,” reads the first lines of his text.

“I hope that when the operation wakes up, and like a magic act, our Peru, which is bleeding now, has regained its space and is no longer the country of the abusive who massacre and arbitrarily send people away, persecute those who have the right to demonstrate, unjustly detaining those of us who took to the streets and marched with our flags from all regions and demanded from all our languages ​​and our bases in our provinces that we be fair and honest “, he added.

“I’m in the middle of the pain and in the middle of the struggle to live…but as my friend Resident says, ‘we walk because here we breathe a fight…'” he concluded .


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