With a universe as vast as its own, Nintendo and its mascots are full of ideas to expand their visibility and popularity around the world. If they seek on the one hand to carve out the lion’s share by targeting the film industry, another form of entertainment is eyeing them, namely theme parks. Already established in the Land of the Rising Sun, Mario and his acolytes will be packing their bags in another country over the next few months!

Mario, Donkey Kong… Full of universes!

Almost a year ago, the Osaka region celebrated a real event for the Nintendo brand: the inauguration of its very first theme park in the presence of the illustrious Shigeru Miyamoto! Thus, Universal Studios has allocated a section of their immense land to the Japanese publisher in order to bring the colorful universe of Super Nintendo World to life. Despite some setbacks shortly after its opening, the theme park is full of ideas to attract more and more visitors.

A few months ago, we learned that an extremely popular license was going to have the right to dedicated attractions within the Super Nintendo World of Universal Studios in Osaka, in addition to the extension granted for building an area in honor of Mario’s first antagonist, Donkey Kong. However, this chance that the inhabitants of the region have to benefit from such a theme park will no longer be a unique privilege: a new park is coming in 2023!

Mario is going to conquer Hollywood

At the very first inauguration, the arrival of a new park outside the Japanese lands was only a distant dream for our American counterparts: at the time, the Super Nintendo World land was only expected for 2025, not before. However, an announcement made today indicates that a leap of a few years would have been made, bringing us much closer to the appearance of a space dedicated to the Nintendo universe within Western Universal Studios.

The studios themselves announced it: a first Super Nintendo World theme park will open in 2023 at Universal Studios Hollywood ! Visitors will be able, as in Osaka, explore the lands of the world of Mario and his gang and enjoy “revolutionary” attractions and interactive zones on the huge space held by the studios in Hollywood.

The characters of the Super Mario license have not yet shown their face on the big screen that Hollywood is already reaching out to them. In addition to the available space, Nintendo’s mascots will be able to continue their business of seducing visitors through themed shops and restaurants.

On the sidelines of the opening, derivative products will flood the stalls so that the greatest number of curious people are ready to discover ” exhilarating entertainment with innovative technological achievements inspired by the characters and video games that have enthralled generations of Nintendo fans for over 40 years.

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