Sporting Cristal managed to beat Huracán by the slightest difference and qualified for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores 2023.

Sports Crystal succeeded in classifying the group instance of the Libertadores Cup 2023 after beating 1-0 Hurricane from Argentina in the national stadium. Thus, those led by Tiago Nunes they were among the 32 teams that will go in search of the trophy for the continent’s highest club tournament.

In this direction, Jose Chavarri analyzed what was the triumph of the group ‘celestial’ and ensured that the result obtained is clear proof that Peruvian teams can compete in international tournaments. “Cristal seemed absolutely deserved to me, he lifted the last minutes with all he had”.

He also added that “apparently Huracán was hoping to go to penalties, but For me, the most important thing about this is that you can. This result cannot be a Pyrrhic or circumstantial victory, it shows that with hard work anything is possible and should be emulated”.

However, he highlighted the importance of Tiago Nunes’ work as a coach. “Here, there is a lot of effort to be made, so this is the path that everyone should follow. Cristal has shown that you can compete internationally because Huracán is not just any team and we have already said it several times, it is Argentinian and it is very topical”.

Sporting Cristal beat Huracán 1-0 in the second leg of Stage 3 and qualified for the Copa Libertadores group stage

Pedro Garcia He joined in the conversation and appreciated the great performance of the defenders. “Cristal is defending very well, the central defenders have been impeccable. Ignacio Da Silva is very good, except in the aerial game, it’s a point that needs to be improved. However, having defended well was the key to winning because it was a two-sided game”.

Moreover, he praised the Brazilian strategist, who innovated in the approach. “NOW, The novelty of the coach was to put Yotún in the fourth midfield from the right and it was amazing, because he managed the game in this position and with the modified profile. It was a clear example that not everything is made up”.

On another side, Michael Succar He was also encouraged to comment and argued that the purpose of Sports Crystal it was not magically generated. “Cristal’s goal is not a coincidence, it is the consequence of having put four to five men in attack on the last play of the match.

Regarding the way he experienced the game, the communicator announced that “when the Peruvian teams play internationally, I am a fan, I lived the game standing up. Honestly, I’m very happy with what Cristal has done and the audience the result has been achieved with”.

He also indicated that the formula for ‘rhyme’ they won was in desire. “It’s a team that has fought the streak and has been very competitive, That Huracán can’t score you in 180 minutes is a big merit. Both were very attacking, but in the final minutes it became clear that the one who most wanted to continue in the Libertadores was Cristal”.

Sporting Cristal beat Huracán 1-0 and qualified for the 2023 Copa Libertadores group stage.
Sporting Cristal beat Huracán 1-0 and qualified for the 2023 Copa Libertadores group stage.

In regards to Joao GrimaldoSuccar stressed that he is a player with a great future. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a player come in so well in such a tough match. as Grimaldo did, all the decisions he made were the right ones and he always did so with great audacity. I am happy that there are young players with a lot of personality”.

Finally, he underlined how fundamental it is to have a player who always dares to go forward. “What I always say is that the footballer who appears when the potatoes burn, multiplies his value. It’s not the same to be bold in the 15th minute of a game you win 2-0, than to be bold in the 88th minute against Huracán, where if you lose it they can counter you. attack and win the series”.

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