The soldier who shot Juliana Galvis would have done so directly and not against the tires of the vehicle in which he was moving, as he initially claimed. Photo: Private archive

The version initially given by Francisco Larrañaga, Juliana Galvis’ partner, in which he pointed out that the soldier Cristián Saavedra was drugged when he fired his rifle at the vehicle in which they were mobilizing With two more people, she was welcomed in the process in which the circumstances of the death of the trans woman are investigated, who died on September 24, 2020.

The events occurred in the municipality of Miranda (Cauca), when Galvis was mobilizing in a vehicle that the soldier Saavedra attacked with his endowment weapon, because supposedly they did not stop at a checkpoint they had in lieu of murder. That shot was the one that ended the woman’s life.

But a source from the Prosecutor’s Office assured in the newspaper El Tiempo that this version was denied, since No checkpoint was installed at the site, among other reasons because the corresponding signage was not even there for such military activities.

The Bogota newspaper also reported that The Prosecutor’s Office requested that the process be transferred from military to ordinary criminal justice because the soldier acted autonomously and not due to a requirement of force. The request was made in November of last year and was accepted.

Once the change of jurisdiction was made, in the imputation that was made to the uniformed man, at the beginning of April, the version was accepted again – which had not been made public, but which had been known since Galvis’ death occurred – in which the woman’s partner assured that the soldier was drugged and tried to commit suicide after shooting against your vehicle.

In the television newscast Noticias Uno they explained that The soldier is now being processed for the crime of aggravated homicide of a protected person, and that he would have lied when he assured that he had shot the tires of the vehicle, so the projectile ricocheted and hit the woman causing her death.

In the news they indicated that in the investigation for this fact It was found that the uniformed man carried out the armed attack directly at a short distance, after speaking a few words with the occupants of the car and after having consumed psychoactive drugs. In addition, they reported in the news, the Army tried to cover up what happened.

With these new tests, Juliana’s mother asked that the weight of the law fall against the uniformed and the Army, after he initially believed the shot was caused by a young, inexperienced soldier.

“The Army from the beginning wanted to divert the facts. They were using narcotics because it is proven. It is that the soldier is not the only culprit, the Army is also guilty, they have to answer “, said in Noticias Uno, Gloria Cecilia Díaz, Juliana’s mother.

In that newscast they indicated that The woman’s family is waiting for a possible rapprochement with the Army, mediated by the Ministry of Defense, so that they can reach a conciliation. However, beyond compensation, they await public apologies from the military, as they consider that it was a premeditated murder.

In an interview with W Radio, John Fernando Ortiz, a lawyer for the victim’s family, said that the The Prosecutor’s Office charged him with the crime of homicide of a protected person “because she was a civilian who was not part of the internal armed conflict and who did not register any antecedents.”

While the The Prosecutor’s Office argued that Juliana Giraldo Díaz, being a transgender woman, was protected by International Humanitarian Law.

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