Massacre in Guanajuato: 7 reported executed after attack on a family party in León

Shooting in Guanajuato: 7 reported executed after attack on a family party in León

During the early hours of this Sunday June 10 a shooting was reported in the state of Guanajuato in the streets of Leónas armed men opened fire at a family party in the early morning.

According to local media reports, the events they were registered in the street Costas del Mar Rojo in the Santa María de Cementos neighborhood, in which armed subjects arrived on two motorcycles. The assailants opened fire, seriously injuring the victims. Before the detonations, the authorities received calls for help in which they spoke of several people injured by the blasts. When the elements of the municipal police arrived, they noticed that it was a family party. Paramedics from Civil Protection and firefighters from the municipality also arrived at the scene, it was determined in the first instance that there was 10 people injured.

Of these 10, the authorities concluded that 6 had lost their lives while the other four were severely injured. Although unofficially the figure increased to 7 people dead and 5 injured; which were transferred to different hospitals to be treated.

Shooting in Guanajuato
Shooting in Guanajuato

Agents from the Prosecutor’s Office and the forensic medical service unit are expected to carry out the removal of the bodies to apply the subsequent necropsy of law. Although so far, The Attorney General of the State of Guanajuato (FGE), has not issued any statement. This is just one of the signs of violence that have prevailed in recent days in the state and that are only a small part of the terror that is experienced throughout the national territory due to the attacks and clashes of organized crime. Since in recent days, on July 7, three executions were recorded in less than an hour in the disputed territory remnants of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel against him Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG). One of the victims was a merchant from the Alpina creamery. Around 3:30 p.m. outside the Supply Market, motorcycle riders who came to the place they fired two bullets into the head against the subject identified as the Gordo.

Armed civilians then moved to a bar known as Micheladas Bronx, where one of the patrons was also executed. It was José Ricardo “N”, 34 years old. At about the same time, Morelos Park from Celaya, other motorcycle gunmen killed a passer-by who was walking through the area with a companion. At the site, a cardboard was left with a drug message. While last June 13, a sicario of Jalisco New Generation Cartel recorded the exact moment in which his accomplice shot to death at his post Alvaro Luna accused of being a leader of street vendors in the Resurrection neighborhood. In June of this year, in the monthly report of the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC)it was announced that the entity accumulates 1,292 victims in the crime of intentional homicide so far this year, which makes it one of the states with the highest number of homicides. In fact, for the entity governed by the PAN Diego Sinhue Rodrguez Vallejo, May was the most violent month in the entity with 299 incidents which represented an increase of 72 more victims, compared to April 2022.

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