Shepherd who claimed to be Jesus was buried alive, but on the third day he did not rise

Shepherd who claimed to be Jesus was buried alive, but on the third day he did not rise

A pastor of a Christian church in Zambia, James Sakara, was found dead after requesting that he be buried alive to see if he would rise again in three days, emulating the story that Jesus did. The event has generated commotion in the African country.

As reported by the Spanish newspaper ABC, Sakara was confident in his abilities to achieve the resurrection like Jesus Christ. For this reason, he convinced his congregation of the Zion church in the city of Chidiza.

The 22-year-old was helped by three church members digging a shallow grave. Later, they tied his hands and buried him alive. Sakara did not come back to life three days later and was found dead by members of the Church of Zion, who were curious to see why he had not kept his promise.

After seeing the man’s body without life, some members of the church tried to resurrect him with a series of spiritual exercises. However, all that was to no avail. Sakara had died.

James Sakara, who was also a practitioner of traditional medicine, explained his decision to members of the Church, citing various scriptures.

A part of the members of the congregation were against the decision of the pastor Sakara. Finally, only three men helped him with the burial. So far, one has appeared before authorities and two have yet to be located.

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